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Beyond the Pail: 10 Ways to Add Buckets to Home Décor

June 19, 2014
bucket storage 10

Interior décor is all about creativity. Thinking outside the box, or the bucket in this case, can give your home a chic and unique look. Using distressed or antique metal pails in the kitchen, for example, gives the room a rustic feel while using bold, neon buckets in a child's room creates a fun and playful atmosphere. In both cases, these buckets and pails are a smart way to help keep everything organized, in addition to elevating the room's décor. In our latest blog post, we're here to help you think beyond the pail by presenting 10 innovative ways to use buckets in your home. These ideas will create extra storage space while coordinating with your home's interior style.

Genius Tricks to Overhaul & Organize Your Garage

June 16, 2014
organize garage 1

Ready to break out of your winter blues now that summer's finally here? Although your vacation plans may be booked and your grill is firing up for a season of barbequing, there's one thing left on that To-Do list you must tackle before you can bask in the glory of summer: clean out the garage. After all, you'll need an organized garage in order to keep track of all of your summer equipment. Although cleaning out the garage seems like a daunting task we've compiled a few smart and quick tips to get the garage organized and keep it that way. With a little help, you can get the garage cleaned out fast – leaving you loads of time to enjoy the summer.

13 Classic Toys from Your Childhood That You Should Put in Storage

June 6, 2014
old toy storage 13

Still have your collection of troll dolls decorating your desk? Do you secretly play with your Lite Brite late at night? Or do you find yourself new and creative ways to put Mr. Potatohead back together? If you said yes to any of these things, it's time to you pack those toys away for long-term storage. Here are a few toys to help get you started

Gardening Tool Guide for Aspiring Green Thumbs

June 4, 2014
gardening guide

Can't grow anything but weeds? Then, you're in need of some major help to flex your green thumb this year. Luckily, we've got some smart tips and tricks to help keep your garden blooming until summer's end. From the best ways to store and organize seeds to keeping track of your gardening gear, this time next year, you'll be a gardening pro.

The World's Most Amazing Playgrounds Made from Recyclables

May 31, 2014
recycled playgrounds 2a

Trips to the beach or outings to your favorite fishing hole are always great options. If those two activities are on your agenda this summer, we've compiled smart tips to help you pack for the perfect beach day and to store your fishing gear for safe-keeping. However, if you're looking for something closer to home, the local playground is a perfect solution. Bonus points if the one in the neighborhood is made from recycled materials like the ones featured here.

Cantastic Storage in Your Home

May 29, 2014
can diy 8

Can't think of fresh, innovative ideas to update your home? YES, you can! Decorating this spring and summer is as easy as looking into a kitchen cabinet or the garage. By using paint cans, soup cans, or even the tabs from old soda cans, you can add extra storage spaces, organize desks, or even add a decorative flair to your lawn. With these amazing and cantastic ideas, you'll be left thinking — yes you can!

Would You Rather: Moving Edition

would you rather 2

Now that the T's have been crossed and the I's have been dotted, the search for the place you'll be spending the next year – or the next 20 – is finally over. There's only one not-so-small hurdle left on your list – the big move. Packing and unpacking aside, moving can be a major hassle. Between dealing with movers, cable and internet installers, and finding the perfect place to store everything, part of you may wish you didn't have to leave your old place at all. However challenging your move is, it likely can't be as bad as these three wacky situations.

Beating the Heat When Your A/C Unit is in Storage

May 23, 2014
summer heat

It's getting hotter outside, but if you're trying to save on your utility bill or be a little greener, you may be waiting to take your A/C unit out of storage. To help you beat the heat until it's reinstalled – we're sharing some genius tips and tricks to keep you cool sans A/C. When you get around to taking it out of storage, we've got some tips on maintaining your unit so it performs better and lasts longer too.

Lawn Ornaments That Should Stay in Storage

May 21, 2014
lawn ornaments 4

Flowers blossoming, children playing, and families getting together for barbecues are just a few of the wonderful things happening in yards this time of year. But you might have noticed something else happening in yards too. Something that's a little cringe-worthy or maybe even a little creepy: crazy lawn ornaments are coming out of hiding.

Packing the Perfect Beach Bag

May 19, 2014
beach bag packing

Beach days are finally here! While spending a day at the beach can become a wonderful memory, it requires proper planning and preparation. Forget your sunglasses and you'll be squinting all day. Forget your sunscreen and you could be in a lot of pain for a few days afterwards. If it's a family trip, you'd better not forget towels, water and sun protection for everyone. It's a lot to remember! Save yourself from getting burned – literally – with some smart packing tips that will help you prepare and get beach gear organized before you head to the shore.

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