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It’s All About That Space: Maximize Storage Unit Space

Store Manager_Pack a Storage Unit

Any number of life events can put you in the position of needing a storage unit. Whether the merging of two households, home renovation or downsizing, a limbo period between a lease being up and closing on a house, a divorce, or military deployment, using a self-storage unit can be a convenient solution and hugely beneficial. Knowing a few tricks about how to best pack a storage unit and maximize space could result saved time and money.

Oscar’s Red Carpet Tips for Rug Storage

Red Carpte Rug Storage Tips 1

Keeping the 500 foot red carpet in shape for roll out at the Dolby Theater for the Academy Awards is no small task. Properly storing the carpet plays a big role in keeping it awards show ready. If you've made an investment in purchasing a rug and need to put it in storage, these "red carpet" tips will help keep your rug looking great after long-term storage.

A Music Fan’s Guide to Memorabilia Storage

Music Memorabilia

Music plays a big role in people’s lives and can play a big role in creating memories from following Jimmy Buffett on tour with the other parrotheads to meeting the legendary Tom Petty to picking up your first guitar or tickling the ivories on stage. Whether a creator or appreciator of music, many people collect sentimental and valuable items in their life's journey. Storing these items properly can help preserve them for enjoyment, and perhaps a worthwhile investment to be cashed in on, in the future.

12 Cupid Approved DIY Decorations from the Heart


Valentine's Day has some people bursting at the seams with expressions of love, friendship, and kindness and ready to celebrate the season of love in any way possible. No matter how the day looks in your home – from an intimate romantic dinner to a jovial gathering of friends – dressing up your love nest with all things sweet and lovely is a must. These "Cupid-approved" DIY Valentine's Day decorations will help set the mood for a fun, heartfelt day without putting the squeeze on your wallet.

Perks of Moving in Winter & How to Survive

Box Snow Angel_Moving in Winter

Moving in winter is not such a crazy idea if you are living in sunny southern California or Florida or somewhere in between, but for a large part of the United States most people would do anything to avoid moving in the winter. Frigid temperatures, snow, and ice do not make for the best moving conditions and put you on the receiving end of everyone's sympathies. However, there are perks to be enjoyed when making your move this time of year. There are also some things to think about that you would not have to consider if you were moving in warmer weather.

Resolution: Get Organized

Resolution_Get Organized

More than likely you are not being courted by the producers of Hoarders to be their next featured story, but most people could use a bit more organization in their lives. January is Get Organized month and the New Year is the perfect time to stop procrastinating and start organizing your home. With a place for everything and everything in its place, less time is spent looking for things, more gets done at work, and it is more relaxing to be in a clean, organized environment. The best way to accomplish what may be a daunting task for some is to start with small resolutions, aka baby steps.

Holiday Decoration Storage and Organization Tips

Holiday Decoration Storage and Organization

It was great getting into the holiday spirit and pulling ALL of your decorations out of storage to celebrate the season. The only problem with decorating for the holidays is cleaning up and organizing it as you suffer through the realization that the season has come to an end. It goes by so fast that sometimes it feels like you spent more time prepping for the holidays than you really celebrated them. All the colorful joy that your decorations brought you over the past weeks must be put away and stored for next year's festivities. Any effort put into organizing and storing your decorations with care now will only help to avoid stress of dealing tangled and broken lights, squished Christmas trees and wreaths, and broken ornaments.

Life After Sun Salutations: How to Repurpose Old Yoga Mats

Life After Sun Salutations: How to Repurpose a Yoga Mat

There are two types of people who own yoga mats: practioners of yoga and those who thought they would become practioners of yoga. If you're in the category of practioner, eventually you must figure out what to do with a mat that has seen its final Sun Salutation. If you had every intention of becoming a yogi and you took more to wearing yoga pants than practicing, chances are you have a mat or two taking up space in a dark corner.

7 Ideas to Get You Hooked on Organization

7 ideas to get you hooked on organization

Adhesive hooks just may be the best thing ever invented. Apart from being a renter's favorite tool for resolving the battle of whether to decorate or save walls from deposit-reducing damage, they are fantastic for organization. Whether used on their own or in combination with other unconventional items, they can play a key role in organizing problem areas in your home. We have 7 "why didn't I think of that" ideas that will get you hooked on organization.

Inspiration for Cleaning and Organizing the Refrigerator

Clean out the fridge cover image

The average household wastes $600 a year throwing away spoiled food according to Good Housekeeping. How many times have you found a container at the back of the refrigerator and the contents have morphed into something unrecognizable, furry, and inedible? How about the vegetables at the bottom of the drawer that have become soft and slimy because they, too, were forgotten Clean Out the Refrigerator Day is November 15 and these ideas will inspire you to organize your refrigerator resulting in more space, easy access, and fewer unintentional science experiments.

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