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4 DIY Basement Storage Projects for the Weekend

Basement Storage_ Shelves and Color Coded Bins

Tired of looking at the clutter in your basement? Continually picking up games, toys, and sports equipment? How about not being able to find the holiday decorations because they are buried under luggage and other things in your basement? Here are four do-it-yourself basement storage ideas that are easy enough to accomplish in a weekend or less.

How to Organize Your New Kitchen

Organize Your Kitchen

Moving into a new place is always exciting, but putting everything away in your new place can cause some consternation particularly when it comes to the kitchen. Organizing the kitchen is usually a top priority. It is the center of the home after all! When it comes to unpacking after a move or a kitchen remodel, organizing all of your kitchen items in a way that is efficient and productive is important. Here are a few tips and tasks for organizing your new kitchen.

Hidden Home Storage Solutions

Hidden Stair Storage

Maybe you're a minimalist or maybe you just need additional options for storage. Either way, here is a compilation of a few interesting, hidden ways to organize your home and keep it looking clean while storing and keeping accessible the everyday items you use.

Preserve Memories Through Upcycling

upcycled tvs 1

Upcycling is often associated with turning an old, used item into something new. But there is a different approach you may not have considered. You may want to try reworking an item you used while creating a special memory or that reminds you of a special moment in time. A special occasion or an everyday task that became memorable can be captured in an upcycled memento to be used or displayed in your home.

8 Bewitching Uses for Classic TVs

upcycled tvs 1

Planning to upgrade your entertainment center this year or did your TV suffer from an unfortunate break during your last move? In either case, you've got an old TV that you can't really use. Although, you may be tempted toss it, we hope these eight, enchanting uses for old TVs will inspire you to think outside of the (TV) box to create an equally bewitching upcycling project for your classic TV.

Unbroken: How to Protect Electronics & Fragile Items During a Move

packing electronics and fragile items

It happens to everyone. One precarious step combined with loose padding, and next thing you know, your precious and fragile item –iPhone, mirror, TV, or laptop – is out of your hands and onto the cold, hard ground below. If you are lucky, your item will survive with nothing more than a few scratches. For those less fortunate, you'll be facing hundreds of dollars trying to replace or repair the damaged item. With these smart packing tips, you can be assured that your fragile items will arrive to your new place in the same condition that you packed them in – unbroken.

How to Make Small Spaces Seem Bigger

small space deocarating tips 1

Congratulations, recent grads! You've taken your final exam and are about to jump head first into post-college life. Only it's hard to think about your bright future when you are stuck living in a tiny apartment that might be only marginally bigger than that dorm room you just left. You could use a few ideas from our Get More for Less in Your College Dorm blog post, but now that you've entered the "real world", you may need to take things up a notch with some even more inventive solutions.

Beyond the Pail: 10 Ways to Add Buckets to Home Décor

bucket storage 10

Interior décor is all about creativity. Thinking outside the box, or the bucket in this case, can give your home a chic and unique look. Using distressed or antique metal pails in the kitchen, for example, gives the room a rustic feel while using bold, neon buckets in a child's room creates a fun and playful atmosphere. In both cases, these buckets and pails are a smart way to help keep everything organized, in addition to elevating the room's décor. In our latest blog post, we're here to help you think beyond the pail by presenting 10 innovative ways to use buckets in your home. These ideas will create extra storage space while coordinating with your home's interior style.

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