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The CubeSmart® Network’s self-storage marketing solution can provide your facilities with a low cost opportunity to acquire new customers at your facilities. In addition to having access to CubeSmart’s national brand awareness, innovative marketing strategies and dedicated self-storage marketing resources. Members in the CubeSmart Network also have access to other unique benefits of this exciting program.

Member benefits include:
Online Reporting & Tracking »

Online Content & Tracking

Members in the
CubeSmart Network have access through a personalized log-in to the CubeSmart Network Website Content Management web interface.  With this access, Network Members can easily update in real-time their facility listings on www.cubesmart.com.  You have complete access to edit your property descriptions, unit inventory, pricing and specials, and all changes are reflected immediately in your listing on www.cubesmart.com.

Manage Listings

Track Online Reservations


In addition to having complete access to your online listing, the CubeSmart Network Website System also allows you to track the reservations made at your facility on www.cubesmart.com. Network Members can export all reservation details for review and analysis.

With your exclusive access to this self storage analysis system, you can easily track the customer leads you receive online from the CubeSmart Network.