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CubeSmart Customer Advantage

Customer Advantage

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As our way of saying "Thanks", CubeSmart is proud to offer our customers a free, easy and exclusive Customer Advantage program! The purpose of this program is to reward customers for their business by sharing exclusive deals, discounts and information. For example, some stores offer rental trucks, moving services, packing supplies, shipping services, printing, faxing and other amenities. As part of the Customer Advantage program, current customers will receive periodic discounts on these, and other services, via email communications. We will also share advice and help to round out a positive storage experience!

How Do I Participate?

This is where it really gets easy. To receive the exclusive benefits of the Customer Advantage program, all you need to do is click below to create an account in our online Customer Center so that we can begin sending you deals and discounts. If you already have an account; you're all set. Keep an eye on your inbox!

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You must be a current customer to join and participate in the Customer Advantage program
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