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8 Bewitching Uses for Classic TVs

Planning to upgrade your entertainment center this year or did your TV suffer from an unfortunate break during your last move? In either case, you've got an old TV that you can't really use. Although, you may be tempted toss it, we hope these eight, enchanting uses for old TVs will inspire you to think outside of the (TV) box to create an equally bewitching upcycling project for your classic TV. In the comment section below, let us know which one you're hoping to recreate one day as you safely store your old TV in your CubeSmart unit.

    1. Get your groove back by transforming your classic TV set into a chair for your 70s styled basement. Add shag carpeting and some of these retro items from the 70s to complete the look.upcycled tvs 1
      Image via Curbly
    2. Depending on the size of your pet, an upcycled TV could become a comfy space for him or her to relax.
      upcycled tvs 2a
      Image via Pinterest


upcycled tvs 2b
Image via Tree Hugger

  1. Don't let your old TV sleep with the fishes! Instead, why don't you give some fish a brilliant place to sleep? Apartment Therapy provides a step-by-step process to show you how convert to your old TV into an aquarium.upcycled tvs 3
    Image via Apartment Therapy
  2. If old TVs are taking up space in a bedroom, use them to create extra storage and shelving space for your clothes. Paint using bright, neon colors to channel the 80s and the rise of the music video star, or use light colors to match the color scheme to help make your small space seem bigger.upcycled tvs4
    Image via Caron Ironside
  3. As an alternative, your upcycled TV could be used to showcase some of your favorite items, such as books on your summer reading list, or to house your beauty care products.upcycled tvs 5
    Image via Obscure Book Blog
  4. If you are in a more festive mood, use the TV to create a window display like this one from Elle Décor. While this display celebrates winter wonderland, your TV could be updated to reflect any upcoming holiday or season.upcycled tvs 6
    Image via Elle Décor
  5. Even a small, portable TV can be upcycled! If the screen on an old TV isn't cracked or damaged, it can be transformed into an illuminated frame to display your favorite picture.upcycled tvs 7
    Image via Atomic Indy
  6. And if you are feeling more creative – or would like to channel the works of Exit from the Gift Shop's Mr. Brainwash – try recreating this TV Robot. Since it'll take some time to accumulate all of the TVs needed for this project, you should reserve a CubeSmart unit before tackling this project.upcycled tvs 8
    Image via Heard Sun


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