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Last-Minute Holiday Gift for Her


It doesn’t matter if she’s your wife, mom, baby mama, sister, BFF, or special lady, chances are she is one busy woman whether she is CEO of a business or CEO of home, or both for that matter!  Women often get caught up in taking care of everyone else before themselves and then have no time or energy left to do just that.  Women tend to be naturals at nurturing, but they forget to nurture themselves.  “Forget” being the keyword, especially if the woman in your life is a mom.  Time passes by so fast because, for her, it is quickly consumed by taking care of her babies and her family and her work.  She has few spare minutes in her day.

So, what are we getting at here?  If you’re here, you’re probably pressed for time – or stressed – trying to figure out how to show her that you see her.  Gifts for her can be tricky.  While a new robe and pair of slippers are cozy and that apropos t-shirt will get a chuckle, you can give her a gift that means more.  And, guess what?  It’s affordable and FAST!

You can give her permission to take care of herself.  While you’ve probably said those words, or something similar, to her a hundred times, your words and intent probably got lost in her never-stop-thinking/planning/doing mind. We’ve put these words onto giftable “coupons”.  You remember gift coupons, right?  She can see them, hold them, and take it all in.


Print these out and hang them individually on your tree or place them inside of a card with a heartfelt handwritten message.  You could print on regular paper, or you could upgrade to cover weight or cardstock for durability.

These coupons are the perfect supplement to what you might have already gotten her or the perfect stocking stuffer.  She can cash in on free time for anything she wants like a solo shopping trip for her, brunch with the squad, or quiet time to read that book (let’s be real – a trashy tabloid) and take a nap.  Not to mention get her hair and nails done, get pampered, and be able to finish a cup of coffee while it’s still hot!

It’s a simple, last-minute, totally thoughtful gift that says, “I see you.”  It will be a hit with her, and it makes you look good.

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