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5 Organizing Tips for an Easy Breezy Move

At one point in my life I felt like a professional mover.  Not the type of mover who gets paid to pack boxes and move them across the country for others, but the type of homeowner who moves as frequently as marathon runners replace their running shoes!  I could pack a box of china in a matter of minutes!

Moving is considered one of the most stressful times in a person’s life, right up there with death and divorce.  We all love the thought of a fresh start in a new home, we just don’t like the work associated with moving!  Regardless if you are upsizing, downsizing, or moving to a temporary location, there are a few tips to take the stress out of moving so you can look forward to the future in your new home.

1.  Gather supplies

I highly recommend making the investment in good boxes.  Many people find boxes from grocery stores and offices, which can be good and bad. Good boxes will make a huge difference in your move.  Moving boxes are designed to stack and load the moving truck with ease.  Random boxes tend not to be as sturdy or as durable.  Investing in good boxes may cost money up front, but will protect your precious belongings and will save you from repairs and replacements from damages.

Supplies you will need for an easy move:

  • Boxes
  • Markers
  • Clean Newspaper
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Packing Tape
  • Box Cutters
  • Colored labels, Post Its, or Colored Paper

Storage facilities usually have these items on hand if you are not using a moving company or are doing the packing yourself.  For any DIY move, storage facilities have a wealth of knowledge, tools and supplies to make your move as easy and stress free as possible.

2.  Take your time

Start as soon as you know your moving date.  Don’t procrastinate!  Give yourself a goal of packing 5 boxes a day.  Just think in 30 days you will have packed 150 boxes!  Work in the least used rooms first, working your way toward the most used rooms last.    For the most frequently used rooms (kitchen, bedrooms, family rooms) pack a few boxes of things you can live without for a few days or weeks.  As you get closer to your move date you will be able to pack those busy rooms easily.

3.  Don’t move the unnecessary

This is easier said than done, but paring down up front will not only save you money but will save you the stress of dealing with where to put it in your new home.   If you know you don’t use something (I haven’t used this in months, I can’t remember what this is, I am moving to a home where I most likely will not use this in my new home).

If you are downsizing or moving to a temporary home, you may consider using a storage facility.  Storage facilities can offer climate controlled storage, pest free, secure location to place all your infrequently used belongings.  They can be great for holiday decorations, family photos, seasonal clothing, baby related items saved for future children, and furniture you might possible use in the near future.

4.  Pack smart

When packing, think about your next home.  If you have items in a living room that will now be used in a den, mark the box for the home it is going to, not the home you packed it up in.  Detail the contents of each box.   Put this detailed list on the OUTSIDE of the box.   As you go to unpack, you will have an easier time deciding which boxes are more important to open first.

I like to color code the rooms in the new home, so that it is easy to differentiate which box belongs where when coming off the truck.  Different colored Post it Notes, colored paper, or colored labels are just some ways you can color code your boxes to coordinate with the room they belong in.

Many people are nervous about packing their fragile items.  You don’t need to over wrap the item!  You need to provide cushion on the top and bottom of the box to absorb and weight that the box will endure.

5. Get your utilities handled as soon as possible.

You will be surprised how long it will take to get the cable company to come out and set you up.  If you and your family are big TV watchers, you want to make this a first priority.  Call them as soon as you know your move in date so you will be able to schedule an appointment with them.  Make sure you change your address with:

  • Banks
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Utility Companies
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Insurance Companies
  • Doctors
  • Pharmacies
  • Magazine Subscriptions
  • Newsletters
  • Newspapers

Be sure to change your mailing address with the Post Office, but also be aware that the later you do so, the more potential for delay in receiving your mail.

Moving can be a great opportunity for a fresh start.  If you approach it  with a little organization and time management, you will have an easy, breezy move!  Who knows you may even move as much as I did!

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  • Great point about not moving the unnecessary.  We are moving our office next month.  As I was going through what needed to be packed, I realized we have accumulated a lot of stuff that we never use.  I will make sure to sell what I can and donate or throw out the rest to avoid cluttering up our new location.