Moving with F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

You always have heavier furniture and even more stuff than you thought when it comes time to pack it all up and move to a different place. Maybe moving out of your college dorm was a quick task for a Saturday morning, but now you're an adult and faced with moving out of an entire apartment or house. This is no time to fly solo. You need reinforcements and must be very strategic about who you pursue in order to have a painless transition.

Hiring a moving company is a great solution because they know what they're doing and have the man power to do some heavy lifting. However, if you have a small place, or a small moving budget, a moving service may be unnecessary or out of your price range.

Your family was there in your college years with the trusty mini-van. Maybe they'll feel extra generous and lend their time to help you move out this time around, too? But, keep in mind that if you want things done your way, the clashing of opinions and inevitable family drama may be best to avoid until the next holiday.

You're left with the only, but probably the best, solution to your moving assistance needs—your friends. They've been there for you through every life transition and now you can offer them the opportunity to lend a hand through another life event! Nobody likes moving, especially when it's not their own move. If you really must recruit your friends, follow these guidelines from the original group of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. to have a successful move and keep your relationships intact.

Mind Your Friends' Lifestyles

If you really want to convince your friends to help, don't suggest a 6 a.m. call-time on their days off of work. Consider their schedules and personal life habits. If they're not a morning person, ask them to work the later shift of unloading the boxes and setting up furniture in the new place, rather than the early shift of loading up the stuff from the old place. If they really hate moving, ask them to watch your kids or pets for a few hours, instead.

Image Via Rebloggy

Image Via Rebloggy

Get Organized Beforehand

If you've managed to convince your friends to help you, don't waste their time with the tedious prep work of moving. Your friends are there to help you carry the heavy loads and get your stuff from Home A to Home B. Get organized in the weeks leading up to your move so that boxes are already packed and ready to go, and your friends can remain in the dark about your secret junk closet.

Moving with Friends

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Have a Little Fun

Moving is an exhausting process, but this day doesn't have to be all work and no fun. Keep everyone motivated and in good spirits with breaks and time to do what you and your friends do best. Goof around, enjoy spending time together, and always buy extra bubble wrap.

Moving with Friends

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Communication is key when moving heavy or delicate pieces of furniture. Prevent accidents to you, your friends, and your furniture by having someone direct the move and by listening to each other. The additional voices will help when it comes to figuring out how to move bulky items through tricky staircases and doorways. Also make sure your friends are clear about what goes to the new house, what goes in storage, and what gets thrown away.

Moving with Friends

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Make a Plan for the New House

Get the most out of your friends by having them move your furniture into your house exactly where you want it to go. Put a color coded sticky note on the item that describes in which room it should be placed, and then leave a corresponding note in the exact spot in the new place. Even if your furniture doesn't end up in the specific layout you wanted, at least you won't have to move heavy items from room to room by yourself.

Moving with Friends

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Repurpose the Boxes

Whether you relive your fort-building days, or use the boxes for storage, keep all that cardboard out of landfills. Offer the boxes to your friends to repurpose, or flatten them and take them to a recycling drop-off.

Moving with Friends

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Say Goodbye

You and your friends have likely had countless memories in the old place, so before you officially leave, take a moment to say goodbye. If you're relocating some distance from your friends, offer to have a farewell meal together at one of your favorite spots.

Moving with Friends

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Celebrate the New Place

Once you're all settled, make sure the friends that helped you move are at the top of your housewarming party invite list. At the party, take a moment or give a gift to thank your friends for their help. Celebrate all the hard work and christen the fresh place with brand new memories.

Image Via Mind Shave

Image Via Mind Shave

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