Would You Rather: Moving Edition

Now that the T's have been crossed and the I's have been dotted, the search for the place you'll be spending the next year – or the next 20 – is finally over. There's only one not-so-small hurdle left on your list – the big move. Packing and unpacking aside, moving can be a major hassle. Between dealing with movers, cable and internet installers, and finding the perfect place to store everything, part of you may wish you didn't have to leave your old place at all. While your move may be tough, CubeSmart and our moving partners can help with your storage and moving needs. However challenging your move is, it likely can't be as bad as these three wacky situations below. In the comment section, tell us would you rather move or …

  1. Ride in a cab filled with a snake
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    Image via GothamistImagine heading to new your home after a long plane ride, only to encounter an unpleasant surprise in the back of a cab. A few unfortunate New Yorkers experienced just that after a cab driver slipped a 14-foot Burmese python along the back seat. While potential riders were understandably freaked out by the encounter, the cabbie, Jimmy Frank revealed that it was simply a prank. Regardless, after dealing with a situation like that, moving might seem like a piece of cake. But if you prefer snakes, ask yourself if you'd rather move or ride in a cab with a snake.
  2. Find a hornet's nest in the shape of a human face in your home
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    Image via Mirror UK

    Imagine arriving at your new home and getting ready to complete the final leg of your moving journey – unpacking. Only you to hear a soft buzzing sound somewhere inside. After roaming around, you open a cabinet or closet door only to find a hornet's nest in the shape of human face! Luckily for the Reddit user who found this disturbing nest, no hornets were lurking inside. Would you rather face this disturbing hive than move?

  3. Have a live scorpion crawling in your bag
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    Image via Mirror UKImagine setting your overnight bag down in your new home before unloading everything from the truck. After checking your new home for snakes or creepy-looking hornet nests, you unsuspectingly open the bag, reach in, and feel something crawling inside. A Londoner had a similar experience riding the tube earlier this year. The creepy crawler – a scorpion in this case – was found hanging outside the passenger's bag while he waited for a train at the Victoria Underground station. Luckily for him, he escaped any nasty bites from the scorpion. Would you rather move or encounter a scorpion?

Riding in cabs with snakes, finding hornets nests, or nearly getting bitten by a scorpion are three situations that certainly are worse than moving.

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