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7 Best Flea Markets in Miami for Cheap Shopping, Dining, and More

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Fall has come to Miami, and that means the season for outdoor markets is upon us. While some flea markets and outdoor markets operate year-round, others operate only during the cooler months or get bigger in winter.

Some of the best flea markets in Florida are found in Miami. Many of Miami's flea markets are more than just shopping destinations. They offer not only goods for sale, but services, entertainment and multiple dining options.

That means a trip to the flea market isn't just for shopping. It's for dining, maybe even dancing, entertainment – and, it's absolutely for people-watching, because at Miami's flea markets you will see all the different groups of people who make Miami their home.

Here are 7 of our favorite flea markets and outdoor markets in Miami.

1. Lincoln Road Antiques and Collectible Market, Miami Beach

This popular Miami Beach market takes over the pedestrian Lincoln Road mall every other Sunday from October through May. You can find Art Deco and Miami Modern furniture and décor, vintage clothing, jewelry, arts and crafts, and all manner of goods, both new and used. The flea market is joined by a farmers' market, which adds baked goods, prepared foods, and fruits and vegetables to the offering. The farmers' market actually is every Sunday, year-round. Hanging out on Lincoln Road is always an adventure, and the outdoor market doubles the fun. If you get hungry, Lincoln Road has plenty of restaurants of all kind.

2. Thrifter Market at Wynwood Marketplace

This newer market takes over a piece of trendy Wynwood every weekend, from Thursday through Sunday. It includes art and crafts, food trucks and often entertainment. Vendors sell everything from vintage goods to paintings to handcrafted jewelry. This is one of the flea markets where you go for an evening of entertainment.

3. Opa-Locka Hialeah Flea Market

This is an old-school flea market, which takes up 55 acres and has 500-plus vendors near Amelia Earhart park in Hialeah. It's open seven days a week, year-round, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can buy everything from tires to fruit to clothing to toys. Looking for fish for your aquarium or homing pigeons? They have those, too, as well as furniture, jewelry and pretty much anything else you can think of. The market also features dining and entertainment options, including bounce houses for the kids. You're likely to hear more Spanish than English here, though don't be surprised to hear multiple other languages as well. This flea market has been open 37 years, and it was sold last year. The new management has been working to improve parking, restaurants, canopies and other services.

4. Tropicana Flea Market

This old-style flea market, in the city of Miami, has more than 200 booths and has been operating since 1992. Known as "el Pulgero," (Spanish for flea market), it sells new and used goods, from tools to furniture to vegetables to tires. If you get hungry, you'll also find plenty of food vendors. The market is open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday through Sunday, year-round.

5. Redland Market Village

This 27-acre flea market (and much more) has been family-owned and operated since 1987. It's in southern Dade County, near Homestead. The flea market is just part of what is included. Redland Market Village also has a green market/farmers' market, where you can buy directly from the growers themselves, especially in winter, since The Redland is the heart of Miami's agricultural area. In addition to the indoor farmers' market and outdoor flea market, you can find an auto parts market, pet store, fish market and plant nursery. There is a kids' zone to amuse the young ones, as well as an international food court. The market is open Thursday through Sunday year-round.

6. USA Flea Market

This market in the Liberty City neighborhood Miami is almost a "flea mall." The indoor market offers both goods and services, including electronics, clothing, household goods, jewelry, watches, toiletries, baked goods – you can find almost anything you need here. You can also get your nails done, your hair cut, your eyebrows waxed or get a tattoo.

7. Florida Swap Shop

It's not in Miami, but the Swap Shop is absolutely worth a trip to Fort Lauderdale. This is the flea market to end all flea markets. It began operating in 1963 as a drive-in movie theater. Not only does it have more than 2,000 vendors selling pretty much everything you can think of, it has a Ferrari Museum and the world's largest drive-in movie theater, with multiple screens. The Swap Shop also has a farmers' market, amusement rides and giant video arcade. Services include nail salons, massage, mechanics, barber shop, car wash, embroidery work, teeth whitening, floral design and even an eye doctor. The Swap Shop is open 365 days a year, holidays included.

Each flea market offers a unique shopping experience. With some items going for rock-bottom prices, it's hard not to get carried away and bring a ton of goodies home. If space becomes an issue, you can always pop your new belongings in storage and keep them there until you find the perfect spot for it.

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