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Whether you’re planning to rent a Tucson storage unit or want to learn more about what it’s like to move to the city, you’re in the right place. This guide will explore all the reasons why moving to Tucson is a very smart idea, from the high walkability score to exciting job opportunities. Buying a home in this Arizona city also tends to be more affordable than other major cities nationwide, and the beautiful landscapes are a nice perk. Also, don’t forget Tucson’s pleasant weather and many recreational opportunities for all ages like parks, museums, and zoos.

City Overview

Tucson has very pleasant weather with sunshine for 284 days of the year, so enjoy a walk through its streets? Most of the city is flat, which makes it easy to move around on foot or bike. While this Arizona city has an overall walkability score of 42, many neighborhoods have a score of 70 or 80. If you plan to get around on foot, it’s crucial to choose the right neighborhood for your needs.

Among the most walkable neighborhoods in Tucson is the Iron Horse Historic District downtown, one of the oldest areas in the city. This neighborhood has many well-maintained walking paths making running your daily errands a breeze. Avondale, Duffy, Highland Vista, Swan Way Park, and Miramonte, as well as Pie Allen Historic District, are among the walkable communities in Tucson, making owning a car optional for daily life, including visiting your Tucson storage unit, your doctor, and shopping for groceries.

Also, did you know that Tucson is one of the best cities for bicycles nationwide? Professional cyclists from all around the world have trained on its beautiful bike trails. The Tucson Loop offers more than 100 miles of bike paths, and you can ride on the spectacular Catalina Mountains, where you’ll find 80 miles of bikeable paths. The downtown neighborhoods are bikeable as well if you want to use your bike to run errands or even to commute to work.

Tucson has an efficient public transportation system, operated by the companies Sun Tran, Sun Van, and Sun Link. Sun Tran offers fixed-schedule bus routes, Sun Van offers transportation services for disabled users, and Sun Link offers streetcar services. Sun Tran buses have bike racks on the front, so you can take your bike with you. The company operates 40 fixed routes to take you anywhere within the city.

Tucson’s most common nickname is “The Old Pueblo,” which derives from a telegram from the 1800s. During these times, the city’s major, R.N. Bob Leatherwood, wrote a telegram to the Pope to inform him that the recently built railroad connected the Arizona city to the Christian world. In the telegram, ha called the population of Tucson “ancient and honorable pueblo.” Newspapers started to abbreviate this sentence as “A. and H. Pueblo,” which eventually became “Old Pueblo.”

Real Estate Outlook

Moving to Tucson can be way less costly in comparison with cities in other states, such as California, but a bit more expensive than cities in the Midwest. If you want to purchase a home in the Old Pueblo, you’ll likely face a lot of competition. Many people purchase their second home in the city to spend the winter in its warm weather. First-time homebuyers are attracted to Tucson because of its nice weather, quality schools, and job opportunities. Sale listings for homes tend to get multiple offers within a very short time because there is so much demand. The median price for a home in Tucson in 2019 was $226,000.

The average rent price in the city is $921. Among the most affordable neighborhoods are Rose, Fairgrounds, Bravo Park Lane, Butterfield, and Alvernon Manor, where the average rent price is $650. The more expensive neighborhoods are Catalina Vista, Mountain View, Millville, Barrio San Antonio, Jefferson Park, Hedrick Acres, Richland Heights West, and North University, where rent can cost more than $1,400.

Tucson Communities

Tucson has the right neighborhood for anyone, from families to young professionals. Here are some of the most vibrant communities in this Arizona city.

Rita Ranch

Rita Ranch is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Tucson and has one of the best public school systems in the city. With its sparse urban feel, beautiful green areas, and diverse community, it’s a desirable place for people who want to raise a family. It feels safe and quiet, and residents have stores, restaurants, and recreational opportunities within reach.

Barrio Centro

Barrio Centro is another family-friendly community next to the Barraza Aviation Highway. It has an enjoyable suburban feel and a friendly Hispanic community, as well as good restaurants and recreational opportunities.

Sam Hughes

Sam Hughes has a vibrant student community and is a very popular neighborhood among young people who want to have fun. There are many pubs and cocktail bars with happy hour specials, and if you want to spend time outdoors, you can take a jog at HimmelPark, which also has an open-air theater.

Dunbar Spring

Located near downtown, Dunbar Spring is a historic neighborhood with a diverse community. With its colorful murals and a vibrant cultural scene, it could be the right place to live for people who love art. It’s home to the Dunbar Pavilion, an African American cultural center, and the Whistle Stop Depot, a venue used for concerts and art shows

What to Do in Tucson

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If you’re moving to Tucson, you’ll be glad to know the city offers countless recreational opportunities for every walk of life. The Old Tucson theme park, which served as a background for many Western movies, offers 30 acres of attractions and vintage-looking buildings. Western-themed shows and shootout performances happen daily. The C.P. Huntington Train takes visitors to a guided tour in the park while Shelton Hall Movie Museum has memorabilia of movies shot at the location.

The Tucson Botanical Gardens are a collection of six gardens, including a Zen garden, a prehistoric garden, and a butterfly garden. If your kids prefer animals to flowers, take them to the Reid Park Zoo, where they can see more than 500 animal species. The International Wildlife Museum offers interactive exhibitions about more than 400 animal species as well as educational programs and youth camps. In addition, the Pima Air & Space Museum houses nearly 300 aircraft and the Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame.

The Sabino Canyon Recreation Area is a terrific place to go hiking with the family, and you can even spot several wildlife species like deer, rattlesnakes, and tortoises. Art lovers can’t miss the Etherton Gallery, which hosts artistic photos from the 19th century, and the Tucson Desert Art Museum and Four Corners Gallery, which hosts artworks from the Hopi civilization. See spectacular modern glass art at the Philabaum Glass Gallery. It’s the only glass gallery in southern Arizona.

Reasons to Move There

Young people have plenty of reasons to move to Tucson, especially if they’re looking for a job. The University of Arizona, as well as companies, such as Davis-Monthan Air Force Base and Raytheon, employ more than 34,000 people. The leisure and entertainment industries offer are large employers as well. In Tucson, workers earn on average $46,140 per year. The city also has an excellent school system, with 89 public schools and 66 private schools. The cost of living in the Old Pueblo is relatively low because expenses like groceries, utilities, and public transportation tend to be lower than those in other metropolitan areas.

Wherever you find your new home in Tucson, we can help with your storage needs. Given the large Latino community in Tucson, some of our facilities even have bilingual teammates. You’ll find flexible monthly rental options, so you won’t have to make a long-term commitment. Make sure to ask our friendly managers about military discounts and special deals.

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