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7 Creative Ways to Transition Your Home from Winter to Spring Décor

The sun is out, the weather is warming up, and it’s time to start transitioning your home from winter to spring. You can find many great options to help your home feel like spring, from adding new home decor to taking the time to do some spring cleaning.

Store the Old: Put Winter Items in Storage

When you’re getting ready for spring, one of the best tasks you can tackle is finding ways to store your old items. You can put everything from seasonal home decor to winter clothing away for next year. If you haven’t made this type of transition in the past, you may need to invest in some storage options such as bins, shelving, or vacuum storage.

Vacuum storage is a great option for clothing since it takes up little space. Go through your closet and grab all your jackets, sweaters, and cool-weather clothing. Place your totes, bins, or vacuum packs in a storage unit to keep clutter out of your home.

Bring Out the New

Introducing spring home decor into your bedroom and living space is a great way to help get your home ready for the new season.

The winter-to-spring transition includes removing dark, warm decorations and bringing in light, fun options. Spring decorations for the home can include everything from flowers to light curtains that help let in the sunlight.

If you have wall hangings, consider finding bright paintings or nature scenes to help bring out the spring feel throughout the home. As you’re looking for spring decorating ideas, keep in mind the colors and items that make you think of the season. Incorporate your favorite colors into your decor to enhance your environment.

Take On Projects

You probably already have a list of home improvement projects you’d love to take on. Spring is a great time to start on the next project on your list. Once you complete those projects, your home will feel refreshed. With the renewed energy most people get during the spring, it’s a great time to make the home transitions you’ve been putting off all winter. In addition, the warmer weather allows you to more easily complete any projects you’ve been considering, especially outdoor ones.

Keep in mind that home improvement projects don’t have to be huge. Instead of completely redoing the bathroom, you may want to change the flooring. Small indoor and outdoor projects can bring a new life to your home that you never expected.

Go Green

Fresh, live plants as spring home decor
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Adding live plants to your home is a great way to help you transition from winter to spring. Choosing the right plants, however, isn’t difficult. Consider a spider plant, bamboo, or English ivy. These are hardy houseplants that don’t require too much attention. Other beautiful plant options to help improve your home and help in your transition include the peace lily, cactus or other succulents, and lavender. In addition to helping your home feel like spring, these plants can help purify the air and improve your mood.

The transition to spring doesn’t have to be a time-consuming or difficult task. With only a few changes, you can make your home look and feel fresh and new.

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