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7 Small Space Designs to Look Out for in 2017

Small spaces are trending in a big way, and new small space designs are unveiled all the time, highlighting smart ways to make the most of limited square footage. If you’re interested in dressing up your home for the new year, keep an eye out for these creative 2017 small space designs. There are several space-saving design options that will help you redefine your living space and make the most of every square foot that’s available.

Wall-Mounted Furniture

You can’t afford to ignore any type of available space in a small home or apartment. That’s why modern furniture pieces are getting so creative with their potential placement. You can purchase contemporary nightstands, entertainment centers, and bar cabinets that are made to mount on the wall.

You can easily DIY this type of furniture as well. Simply purchase or make a shelf that fits your desired dimensions and place it appropriately for use as a TV stand, side table, or even a desk. This type of furniture frees the floor space beneath and instantly makes a small room feel bigger.

Staggered Storage

Your shelving doesn’t need to be a straight vertical unit. In a small space, you can make the area seem a bit larger with staggered shelving. Install shelves that are wider at the bottom and more shallow at the top. This creates a fresh contemporary look as well as more openness, which is refreshing in a smaller room. 

Vertical Storage

Vertical storage ideas for small spaces
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Utilizing all your vertical space, you can increase your storage possibilities immensely. There’s no need to worry about daily accessibility when you’re storing items like out-of-season clothing or holiday decorations. Consider mounting cabinets along the top of the room for these items. With a footstool or small stepladder on hand, you can still get to your goods when you need them, but you won’t have to use precious closet or floor space.

Wall-mounted hooks are another smart space saver. You can use these for everything from coats and clothing to jewelry, pet leashes, bags, and scarves. The next time you’re looking for more storage space, look upward.

Organized Drop Zones

Today’s busy families have a lot to keep track of. Home management centers and carefully organized drop zones are streamlining the daily grind. These areas are highly customizable and often include a family calendar, key rack, coat rack, backpack hooks, mail organizer, and note board. This is where family members are meant to kick off their shoes, abandon their bags, toss their keys, and set their mail. Giving your family a designated spot for it all is a great way to keep a small home from getting overwhelmed with stuff.

Wildly Convertible Furniture

Today’s furniture designers are aware of the growing market in small space living, and they’ve come up with several innovative small space ideas to meet families’ needs. You can purchase a neat cube-shaped side table that transforms into a dining set for two, or a long sideboard that unfolds into dining for ten. There are couches that become beds, and seating solutions with movable backs and adjustable cushions that can accommodate almost any size party. Why settle for a single purpose solution when you can outfit your small space with more?

Neutral Color Palettes

Simple color palettes and neutral hues are a popular option for small spaces. Busy patterns and bright shades can overwhelm a little room if they’re not done just right. If you want a fast and easy strategy for selecting bedding, curtains, tablecloths, and other accessories, go with clean, simple options like white, gray, or beige.

These colors also give you the simple streamlined look of a hotel, which is ideal for a guest room. If you start to feel like there’s too much white in the space, add small pops of bold colors in little touches like picture frames, candle holders, or throw pillows.

Movable Dividers

Multipurpose rooms are a hallmark of small homes. If you’re living in limited space, you probably have an open floor plan with a combined living and dining room. If you want a little more separation between spaces, try adding a movable divider. A curtain rod hung from the ceiling is an innovative design solution that’s both decorative and functional. Sweep the curtain to the side for a larger gathering space, or pull it closed for an intimate dinner.

A folding screen can work similarly. You can open one up for an added wall and fold it away when you’re finished. Dividers give you the flexibility to turn a studio apartment into something more akin to a one-bedroom or block off the unsightly dishes in the kitchen when you’re entertaining guests in the living room.

If you’re looking for innovative small space ideas, you’ll find a wealth of flexible options hitting the market in 2017. This growing trend is sure to gain traction, with lots of fun options to go with it.

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