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Gilmore Girls Revival – Home Decor Inspiration

As a devoted “Gilmore Girls” fan, you’ve probably considered paying homage to your favorite characters in a variety of ways. If you’ve been binge-watching old episodes in eager anticipation of the show’s revival, “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life,” it’s time to put those ideas to work. Show off your status as a true fan with these “Gilmore Girls” home décor tips and ideas.

Kick Back in the Gilmore Girls’ Living Room

For its entire seven-season run, Lorelai Gilmore’s house represented the intersection of casual, comfortable, and stylish. You can bring the Gilmore Girls’ welcoming aesthetic into your space by taking inspiration from their eternally comfy living room.

Go for a shabby chic look with a slipcovered sofa, and introduce some boho flair with furniture made from reclaimed wood. Add a few throw pillows for extra texture and vintage appeal, and place a few rugs around the room to increase the coziness factor. A great movie setup is key, so don’t forget to leave room for the TV.

Escape to Rory’s Bedroom

Whether you’re a book lover or you just want a quiet escape, you’ll want to recreate the feel of Rory Gilmore’s room. Start with as many bookshelves as you can muster, and fill them up with your favorite novels and nonfiction volumes. Next, add a few drawers to keep things organized Rory-style.

Finally, take inspiration directly from Rory as you add a little personality to the walls. Hang up some original Yale memorabilia, or look in your storage space for a few vintage pennants from your university of choice.

Feel Cozy in Lorelai’s Bedroom

If Rory’s room is a smart place to feel studious, Lorelai’s bedroom makes for a cozy escape. To bring this aesthetic into your home, you’ll want to start with the walls. Apply a fresh floral wallpaper or go for a textured paint instead.

Place a few retro lamps on vintage nightstands, and add extra throw pillows to the bed. If it feels like there’s something missing, take a cue from Lorelai and add a few more patterns and textures into the mix. Don’t forget the cozy comforter on the bed, and leave plenty of space for heart-to-heart talks.

Go Retro in the Girls’ Kitchen

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Any true “Gilmore Girls” fan knows that Lorelai and Rory spent much more time exchanging pointed references than cooking. In fact, at the Gilmore house, junk food, and takeout were on the menu more often than not.

No matter how much cooking you plan to do, you can still channel the girls’ aesthetic in your own kitchen. Capture the country chic look with blond wood flooring and cabinets painted light yellow or off-white. Add some vintage wall decor and open storage, and don’t forget the rustic dinner table with ample room for everyone.

Get Rustic in the Dragonfly Inn’s Entryway

Whether you’re a Lorelai fangirl or a Rory devotee, you’ll find tons of decor inspiration throughout the Gilmore house. Don’t neglect the rest of Stars Hollow, though. You can easily introduce ideas from the rest of your favorite residents throughout your home.

To add a few touches from the Dragonfly Inn, focus on your entryway. This is the ideal place for rich colors, a high-pile rug, and a few vintage maps or photographs. Out on the front porch, make your home’s entrance extra welcoming with a wreath of fresh flowers and a bench or some rustic wooden chairs.

Reach for the Stars in Emily’s Sitting Room

If you want to go upscale, there’s no better model than Emily’s home. Go traditional with beautifully upholstered chairs and sofas, and add soft light with vintage lamps and sconces. Take your sitting room to the next level with a chandelier, and don’t forget to hang the family portrait on the wall.

Underfoot, add texture with a regal rug or two. On the walls, incorporate some visual interest with custom molding or other architectural elements. Keep the colors on the light side throughout, and welcome natural light into the sitting room.

Get Caffeinated at Luke’s Diner

You might not need a diner in your home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a few reminders of everyone’s favorite coffee shop. Create a coffee nook that every “Gilmore Girls” fan will love, with ample open storage, countless mugs with quirky sayings, and a high-tech coffee maker.

There’s no need to stop there, though. Add a few references to the show with a clock that boasts one of Lorelai’s best lines, a memorable “No Cell Phones” poster, or even a sign modeled after the original one from Luke’s Diner.

Just because you can’t replicate the Gilmore Girl house layout exactly doesn’t mean you can’t welcome your favorite show into your home. Whether you’re watching old episodes, bingeing on the revival, or crossing your fingers for a future movie, get into the spirit with these Gilmore Girl home decor ideas.

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