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Using moving storage while waiting for your house to sell, or your new home to be built, will make it easier for you and your family. Storage provides a convenient yet flexible solution, allowing you to move when you’re ready and providing added piece of mind during the process. Don’t worry, there is a solution if you run into unexpected delays.

Time Between Closings

Moving takes planning and coordination. But even then, not all moves work out exactly as planned. If you find yourself between the closing of your current home and your new home, or if the construction of your new home is not yet complete, look to storage space to keep your items during transition. Storage is a great solution for your stuff to have a home while you are between homes.

Downsizing with Extra Stuff

If you have moved to a smaller home, think about storage to help with the change. A little planning can help you overcome space constraints. Start by sorting your belongings and updating your Home Inventory Worksheet, which will help you keep track of what you have and where you are keeping it. Here are some examples of items that are commonly stored to have the most room in a smaller home:

  • Old Books — Most people have the habit of keeping their old textbooks, magazines and newspapers for future reference, but they are hardly used. If you have a lot of such stuff, it is best to move it to the storage space.
  • Collectibles — It’s common for people to keep their collectibles in storage to have more space at home for keeping day-to-day items and to help keep collectibles from damage. Items like artwork, vases and paintings are prone to damage if kept in a home that lacks proper storing. Be sure to pack them properly.
  • Hobby Stuff — It is best to move the hobby stuff that is hardly used to the self-storage space.
  • Furniture — After downsizing your home, it’s likely that your previous furnishings don’t all fit into your new home. Look to storage for these items.

Relocation and Overseas Transfers

Storage is available in different sizes and types to meet your needs. Which is an ideal solution for relocation situations; because they allow you to store items from an entire apartment or home while you’re in transition. Also, most storage space is accessible 7 days-a-week, so you can always gain access to your belongings when you need them.

Empty Nesters

The kids have finally moved out. But they’ve left all of their stuff! Clothing that no longer fits or is out of style. Don’t forget the collections of old toys and stuffed animals. And, of course, they continue to use the home as ‘storage’ for spare furniture and items they’ll eventually want to use. Self-storage is a great solution for families that are looking to de-clutter their homes while keeping those extra belongings and hard-to-part-with memories in a clean and accessible space.

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