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10 Ways to Upcycle Plastic Bottles

Wine bottles aren't the only types of containers that you can reuse. In fact, plastic bottles are a great source of upcycling ideas too! To help get you started, we've found 10 smart ways that you can upcycle plastic bottles. From building mosquito traps and bird feeders, to sprinklers and greenhouses, you'd be surprised by all the useful things that plastic bottles can do. Which one of these smart upcycling ideas would you try?

1. Mosquito trap
Had it with bug bites? You can use a plastic soda bottle trap to save you from itching and scratching. Bits and Pieces shows you how to make one.

2. Sprinkler
The dog days of summer are in full swing, but you don't need to spend money on a sprinkler for your kids to play in. Use this smart DIY trick that will keep the kids cool and water the lawn at the same time.
A water bottle connected to a garden hose spraying water

3. Birdfeeder
Transform your backyard into a peaceful habitat. Learning to create one of these will be fun for the kids too!
A bird feeder made from an upside down plastic bottle

4. Juicer
Give this upcycling project a squeeze by making your own juicier.
A partially juiced orange

5. Vase
Upcycle an old soda bottle to create a beautiful new vase for your flowers. Make it as simple or fancy as you please.
An orchid in a plastic bottle pot

6. Coffee Stencils
Add decorative flair to your morning cup of java like Vanessa from Nifty Thrifty Things with stencils made from upcycled plastic lids.
A plastic lid with a star shape cut out of it

7. Jewelry holder
Showcase your DIY skills and your jewelry with this upcycled plastic jewelry rack. Learn how via Epbot.com.
The bottoms of two liter soda bottles with jewelry inside of the divots

8. Art
Feeling extra creative? Use an Exacto knift to transform plastic bottles into elaborate works of art.
Two plastic bottles cut into fancy shapes

9. Greenhouse
What's the ultimate DIY upcycling project? Building a greenhouse made from plastic bottles.
A greenhouse with whole plastic bottles instead of glass

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