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12 Creative Ways to Upcycle an Old Piano

Whether you are musically-inclined or a crafty DIYer, these upcycled pianos are sure to hit the right notes. In honor of Beethoven's birthday on 12/16, check out these 12 creative ways to upcycle an old piano. Let us know which of these projects is your favorite in the comment section below.

1. If your old piano no longer makes beautiful music, upcycle it to create a beautiful garden instead
Image from My Piano Friends

2. Or create a piano in bloom instead.
Image via The Blog Farm

3. Practice your DIY crafts by repurposing an old piano into a hidden work bench and tool storage solution. Core 77 shows you how!
Image via Core 77

4. Sleep soundly with a headboard made from a piano

Image via Morgan Cafe

5. And use the keys to create a stylish coffee table.
Image via DIY Network

6. Compose your best work at this brilliant workstation
Image via LifeHacker Australia

7. Or use your upcycled piano as a hidden desk.
Image via Ware Ground

8. Showcase your piano's former glory by pairing it with antique-style furnishings
Image via Home Jelly

9. Or use it highlight the grandeur of its inner workings.
Image via Etsy

10. You could always use it to create vertical shelves just like Sets Machine and The Perfect Pair Antiques and Salon
Image via Sets Machine
Image via The Perfect Pair Antiques and Salon

11. Or a horizontal shelf like this one by the blog Crafty Lady Lindsay.
Image via Crafty Lady Lindsay

12. Add some musical notes to your cuisine with this upcycled piano island for your kitchen.
Image via Home Jelly

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