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3 Patriotic Projects for Flag Day

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If you love your stars and stripes, take today to appreciate the American flag just a little extra. Flag Day commemorates our nation's adoption of the American flag by the Second Continental Congress on June 14, 1777. While established in 1916 by the Proclamation of President Woodrow Wilson, Flag Day wasn't official until 1949, when President Truman signed an act establishing June 14th as National Flag Day.

With so many patriotic holidays from May to September, the summer is the perfect time to liven up your home with flag décor. Add a rustic touch with a Vintage Wood Flag, create a festive entryway with a Clothespin Flag Wreath, or stay warm on cool summer nights with a Flag Throw Blanket.

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Vintage Wood Flag

What You’ll Need

  • Paint brushes.
  • Wood paint primer.
  • Red, white, & blue wood paint.
  • Small star stencil.
  • Measuring tape/ruler.
  • Gorilla wood glue.
  • Large clamp.
  • Sand paper.
  • Painting tape.
  • Hardware to hang flag, if desired.
  • 13 pieces of scrap wood, varying in length and type of end cut (like picture). Length and width depends on how large you want the finished product to be, just make sure the widths are uniform and the lengths only differ a bit.
  • 2-3 extra pieces of wood. They are to secure to the back of the flag, so they should be as long as your flag is wide.


    1. Glue each of the 13 boards together using the Gorilla glue. For visual interest, alternate the pieces of different lengths.
    2. Glue the 2-3 extra pieces vertically to the back of the 13 pieces.
    3. Clamp the boards, and place heavy objects on top of the flag to hold it down. Let dry for 24 hours.
    4. Sand the wood, especially focusing on smoothing off any excess wood glue.
    5. Prime the wood.
    6. Paint the entire flag white. Primer and a base coat of white allow for long-lasting, vibrant colors.
    7. Tape off the star area, and paint it blue. You want to paint this area first to allow it to dry before doing the stars.
    8. Tape off the stripes, following the breaks in each piece of wood.
    9. Retape the blue so as not to paint the stripes into it.
    10. Paint the red stripes.
    11. Peel off all tape.
    12. Measure where you want the stars by placing a dot where the center of the star should go. This is up to you and whether you want and can fit all 50 stars. Consider getting a different sized star stencil to fit your needs.
    13. Using the stamp, stamp your stars in white paint, then onto the blue, doing your best to center the stamp over the dots you've measured out. Go over stars with more white paint and a small brush, if necessary.
    14. Let everything fully dry (approximately 12 hours, depending on thickness of paint).
    15. If you wish to achieve a weathered, vintage look, go over the entire flag with another piece of sandpaper once dry.
    16. Attach hanging hardware, if desired.
flag day DIY summer project

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Clothespin Flag Wreath

What You’ll Need

  • Wire frame wreath, 12-16″ diameter.
  • Red, white, & blue regular/spray wood paint.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • 100+ clothespins.
  • Hanging hardware.


    1. Paint the clothespins. For 100 pins, approximately 40 red, 40 white, and 20 blue with white stars.
    2. Place the clothespins around the wreath in any pattern (every other white and red, group them, etc.). Consider gluing the clothespins to the wire frame if you don't feel that they'll stay on their own.
    3. Attach to hanging hardware and hang on the door.
    4. An alternative to painting the white stars is to glue on small wooden stars painted white for a greater "pop." These can be found at any craft store, along with the other supplies.
flag day DIY decor project

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Flag Throw Blanket

What You’ll Need

  • Large fabric flag.
  • Large fleece blanket.
  • Sewing materials (white thread, sewing machine, etc.).
  • 1/4 cup of sodium carbonate washing soda.
  • 2 cups of salt.
  • Regular detergent & fabric softener.


    1. Wash the flag in a washing machine using hot water. Add in regular detergent, sodium carbonate, and salt.
    2. Dry on high heat.
    3. Repeat steps 1-2 until the flag is as distressed as you want.
    4. Wash one last time on cold with regular detergent and fabric softener.
    5. Dry on low to medium heat.
    6. Lay fleece blanket and flag on top of each other and pin together, outsides facing in.
    7. Cut off the excess fleece blanket hanging past the flag's edges (the flag will have shrunk in the wash).
    8. Sew the edges together, leaving a 2-inch space open so that you can turn the flag inside right.
    9. Turn the blanket inside right, and make any additional stitches to completely attach the flag to the blanket. It's recommended that you add stitches along a few of the stripes and around the blue star area, so as to further secure the two pieces together.


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