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5 DIY Halloween Decorations

The best Halloween decorations are often the ones you make yourself with simple craft supplies and a little creativity. Try these projects to build your collection of homemade Halloween decorations, and put your favorite ones in storage when October is done so you can use them again next year!

1. Milk Jug Ghosts: If you buy your milk in white plastic bottles, these are super easy to recycle into inexpensive outdoor Halloween decorations. Clean the bottles, including scrubbing off the labels, and allow them to dry completely. Then draw a ghost face on each bottle with a black permanent marker. When you are done, cut a small hole in the back of each bottle and put a battery operated tea light inside. Or, if you want a whole row of them, visit your self-storage unit and get a string or two of your white Christmas lights and stuff about a dozen lights inside each ghost in your row.

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2. Bloody Candles: White pillar candles and remnants of red Christmas taper candles can get new life as simple DIY Halloween decorations. Set up a work area covered with a couple layers of newspaper to protect your surfaces, and set up your white candles on top of the newspaper. Then light a red candle and hold it on its side to drip the wax onto the white candles. Aim to cover the top of each white candle completely in red, plus have the wax dripping down much of the sides.

Photo: Instructables
3. Heads in Jars: Heads will roll with a creepy display of mason jars, each featuring a photo of someone’s head. For the easiest technique, just measure the size of head that will fit into a jar and flip through magazines to find one the right size for you to cut out. Alternately, you can print out photos of heads, either of your family and friends or people you would like to have as part of your display. Put the photos in the jars for a simple project, or laminate them and fill the jars with water for an eerier effect. You can also set the jar on top of newspaper and drip some red candle wax down the sides of it if you want a creepy touch.

Photo: Harry Potter Ultimate Party
4. Hall of Floating Candles: Harry Potter fans will be delighted by this homemade Halloween decoration reminiscent of the holiday at Hogwarts. Start with battery operated tea lights and a paper towel tube or toilet paper tube for each of them. Paint or spray paint the tubes white, then attach a candle to the top of each one with tape or glue. Cut a circle of white craft foam to create the bottom of each candle, and if you want, some wax drips to go down the sides. Then just attach fishing line to the top of each candle and hang them from the ceiling above your table.

Photo: Country Living
5. Hanging Ghosts: If you’re looking for easy Halloween crafts for kids, these simple ghosts can be put together in as little as 20 minutes and have lots of room for creativity. Start with white honeycomb tissue paper bells, which should be easy to find at craft stores or wedding supply sources. Let kids use construction paper to cut out facial features for the ghosts and attach them to the bells to make them into ghost heads. Then drape two or three layers of cheesecloth over each ghost head and hang them from your porch, entryway, or anywhere else you want!


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