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5 Fun and Easy Back to School Upcycling Projects

The end of summer means it’s time for back-to-school preparations. Here are some great projects to get your children’s desks and supplies ready for school by using items you probably already have sitting around or in storage.

1. Soup Can Desk Organizer

You and your back-to-school students can make a variety of desk organizers from upcycled soup, bean or veggie cans. Stack six cans in a pyramid structure (shown below), or any other creative way. Before gluing the cans to one another, wrap them in contact paper or construction paper to give them a nice design. This easy-to-make project can hold pencils, markers, crayons, scissors and other items for your child's desk at home.


2. So Many Uses for Cereal Boxes

Cereal boxes can be used for so many different things like bookmarks, gift tags and bags, and even piñatas! Create a quirky desk organizer for your elementary school students by using two to three cereal boxes. Tape the boxes together and wrap with bright, colorful contact paper. This super easy and creative upcycle project will surely become a hit in your house!

Cereal box organizer
Image via Crafty House

3. Denim Isn’t Just for Wearing

Grab those old jeans or flannel shirts from the closet and upcycle them into creative denim notebooks or book covers. When done, you can decorate with pins, felt, and other odds and ends. These covers will be sure to hold up this school year!
Denim Book Cover

4. Stay Healthy this School Year

Going back to school often triggers the spread of germs and other illnesses – so keep your family healthy with this simple to make soap dispenser made from upcycled mason jars. Just cut a small hole in the mason jar lid and glue the dispenser pump to the lid. Now instead of continually buying the small disposable soap containers, you can refill these stylish glass dispensers and keep them in every bathroom.

Back to School Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

5. Upcycle an Old Desk into a Creative Workstation

If you have an old school desk in storage or find one at a flea market or thrift store, upcycle it into a beautiful or creative workstation. Have the kids paint the old school desk with bright colors, laminate last year's art work to the desk, or have them sketch their favorite sports or book characters. Just maybe, having them create a place that is suitable for homework will get them excited to do the homework. It's worth a shot.

Upcycled School Desk

Bonus: For the Advanced Upcycler

More than most would take on, this great upcycling solution for decommissioned school buses is the creation of sculptor and artist Christopher Fennell. These amazing yellow bus shelters are found in Athens, Georgia.

Upcycled Shool Bus Shelter
Image via Inhabitat

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