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6 Creative Ways to Upcycle a Grill

Grilling season is far from over, but what do you do with a grill when its hot dog grilling days are over? Whether you are a master BBQer or just like the taste of food grilled on the open flame, these upcycled grills are sure to make your mouth water. In honor of the Dog Days of summer, check out these 6 creative ways to give your old grill life after searing its last T-bone. Let us know which of these projects is your favorite in the comment section below.

1. If you old grill has lost its luster, no need to put it in the gutter. Fill it with flowers the color of mustard.
Creative Ways to Upcycle a Grill_ Flower Pot
Via HomeTalk

2. Did your gas grill go kaput and now it's collecting dust? This next idea is a must. A few gardening tools and potting soil is all you need to turn it into a portable garden storage cart
Creative Ways to Upcycle a Grill_Garden Tool Storage
Via A Spotted Pony

3. Relax to the sounds of trickling water with this backyard feature.
Creative Ways to Upcycle a Grill_Water Feature
Via Oregon Live

4. Build a DIY spider web for Halloween, or a spooky inspired patio party, with a repurposed grill rack.
Creative Ways to Upcycle a Grill_Spider Web
Via Petticoat Junktion

5. Just because you have moved on from your old grill doesn't mean it's the end of the road. Upcycle the grill into an industrial-style end table.
Creative Ways to Upcycle a Grill_End Table
Via Roland Blandy

6. The only dust this upcycled grill collects is sawdust. Use the metal frame to create an easily moveable saw table to help with home improvement projects.
Creative Ways to Upcycle a Grill_Saw Table

What are some of your ideas to upcycle a grill?

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