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7 DIY Thanksgiving Table Centerpieces

A beautifully set table for Thanksgiving doesn't have to include expensive store-bought Thanksgiving table decorations. In fact, simple DIY Thanksgiving decorations often bring rustic charm that is just the feel you want for the humble fall holiday. This year, pull your table linens out of storage to help inspire your color palette, and then make one of these easy Thanksgiving centerpieces as the focal point for your table.

1. Mums in a Pumpkin
Photo: Midwest Living
During the fall, chrysanthemums are abundantly available in all sorts of sizes and colors. You may have even already picked up a pot or two to set on your porch. Dress them up for your table by placing them inside a hollowed-out pumpkin. White pumpkins provide a lot of contrast if your mums have orange and yellow hues, while red and purple mums look stunning in a classic orange pumpkin. If you want to change the color of your pumpkin, remember that painting it is always an easy option. You could even use metallic spray paint to give your Thanksgiving table centerpiece a more upscale, gilded look.

2. Nature's Bounty Table Runner
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A long table can leave a solitary centerpiece in the middle feeling forlorn, so instead, make a long and narrow Thanksgiving centerpiece that runs along much of the length of the table. Start with a shallow trough, board, mirror, piece of burlap, or traditional cloth table runner. Place several candles along the length of it. Then get creative and pile on an assortment of harvest-themed items, which could include mini pumpkins and gourds, pinecones, fall leaves, nuts, or berries. Another advantage of this type of centerpiece is that it is low so it doesn't obscure anyone's line of sight.

3. Edible Centerpiece
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Who says a centerpiece can only be looked at? This year, decorate your table with a beautiful display that guests will get to eat. For example, rather than keeping several beautiful pies in the kitchen until it's time to dessert, let them shine in the centerpiece on your table. Place them on pedestals of different heights, and arrange several bunches of grapes around the bases for guests to munch on over the course of the evening.

4. Assorted Candle Jars
Photo: Good Housekeeping
One of the easiest types of Thanksgiving centerpieces to create involves pillar candles and a variety of glass containers, including jars, hurricane candle holders, vases, or even stemware. Place a candle in each glass container and then pour a small, festive item around it, up to an inch or two below the top of the candle. Some ideas for items to use include nuts, fresh cranberries, dry popcorn kernels, or even coffee beans. Arrange these candle jars along the center of your table. When the meal is over, you can even take the filler items out and still use them, as long as they didn't get any candle wax on them.

5. Citrus Slice Vase with Flowers
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Take your Thanksgiving decorations to the next level with a stunning vase showcasing slices of a citrus fruit. To make this centerpiece, you will actually need two basic clear glass cylindrical vases that nest together with about an inch of space between them. Then cut a few lemons, limes, oranges, or grapefruits into rounds about a quarter inch thick. Using just one kind of fruit will keep the look clean and uniform. Slide the citrus slices between your two vases, working all the way around until you reach the top. A floral arrangement that matches the color of the citrus fruit looks especially stunning, so consider sunflowers with lemons, mums with oranges, green hydrangeas with limes, or any light pink or coral flower with grapefruits. And don't forget to also put water in the space between the vases to keep your citrus slices from drying out.

6. Upside-Down Flower Arrangements
Photo: Midwest Living
Everyone knows you can put flowers in a vase to use as a centerpiece, but have you ever considered putting a flower under a vase or other glass? This is an especially good way to draw attention to single blooms that may end up feeling lost in a larger arrangement. Because the flowers won't be in water, this is a Thanksgiving table decoration to compose just an hour or two before guests arrive. Start with a decorative tray, platter, or charger, and set out a few choice blooms on it. Then cover each flower with an upside-down wine glass, champagne flute, martini glass, clear jar, or small glass vase.

7. Orange Clove Candleholders
Photo: All You
Your Thanksgiving centerpieces should delight not only the eyes but the other senses as well. These simple centerpieces bring some of the smells of the season to the table in a way that is subtle, but definitely noticeable. Carve out the tops of several oranges so you can securely place a tea light candle in each one. Then decorate the oranges with whole cloves to add a layer of scent and some visual interest.

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