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7 Vintage Christmas Decorations to Get Out of Storage

Vintage Christmas decorations have so much charm because they bring back memories of years gone by. Plus, in many cases, they are better made than decorations available in stores today, so they are worth keeping because they will last longer. Even if you have some modern Christmas decorations, consider getting these vintage Christmas decorations out of storage to incorporate into your decor this year. You can intersperse them throughout your usual holiday decorations, or just put away the new stuff for a year and go for a fully vintage Christmas.

1. Vintage Christmas Cards
Vintage Christmas Cards - Vintage Christmas Decorations
Photo: Diane Naegel
While the Christmas cards you receive these days are likely full of professional family photos, these didn't used to be the norm. If you have saved Christmas cards from years past, you can decorate with these. You may even be able to find some to add to your collection if you raid the attic of your parents or grandparents. The messages and artwork on these cards are often funny and charming. Try stringing a set of vintage Christmas cards to decorate a wide doorway or along the top of a wall. Another idea is to set up a display of cards on a side table or make a collage to hang in your entryway.

2. Vintage Christmas Tree
Aluminum Christmas Tree - Vintage Christmas Decorations
Photo: Charlene Malecha
Make a bold statement in your Christmas decorations this year by starting with a vintage Christmas tree. For a full size tree, set up a vintage aluminum Christmas tree in silver, or the more rare and collectible color, pink. These trees were incredibly popular in the 1950s and 1960s, and they are often mounted on a rotating stand to make the whole room seem to sparkle as they slowly turn around. If you prefer live Christmas trees, then go that route and bring in your vintage charm with a tabletop vintage ceramic Christmas tree, already pre-decorated with built-in lights.

3. Vintage Christmas Lights
Vintage Christmas Lights - Vintage Christmas Decorations
Photo: Andy Melton
Once you have your tree, it's time to bring it to life with vintage Christmas lights. Yes, your electric bills will be lower if you use new LED or fluorescent bulbs, but the look of the big lights is hard to beat. In addition to classic teardrop shaped lights, you can also find strings of lights with bulbs in very unusual shapes. Just be careful if you have small children because the bulbs can get very hot. They also may be a fire risk if they are on a live tree that is drying out, so check your tree regularly to ensure it has water, and turn off the Christmas tree lights when you are not in the room.

4. Vintage Christmas Ornaments
Vintage Ornaments - Vintage Christmas Decorations
Photo: David Zellaby
Even if you have a modern Christmas tree and Christmas lights, you really can't go wrong with vintage Christmas tree decorations. There's such a wide variety of ornaments available that you'll find something that works, regardless of your style. Vintage glass baubles come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and they add an old world charm to any tree. You can also find vintage wooden Christmas ornaments, cotton ornaments, and glass figurines.

5. Vintage Christmas Stockings
Vintage Christmas Stockings - Vintage Christmas Decorations
Photo: Eadaoin Flynn
Bring a vintage touch to your holiday mantel with vintage Christmas stockings for the whole family. Even if you don't have a mantel, you can hang stockings on the back of a chair, on wall hooks, or along the banister on your stairway. Perhaps you (or your parents) saved your childhood stocking that you can continue using now as an adult. Alternately, look for vintage stockings online or at antique stores to build your family's collection. Felt designs were especially popular, and knit stockings are always classic.

6. Vintage Christmas Table Decorations
Vintage Table Decorations - Vintage Christmas Decorations
Photo: Charlene Malecha
Whether you are decorating your dining table for Christmas dinner or setting up a display on a side table, turn to vintage Christmas decorations for a classic touch. Group several items together to create an interesting display highlighting interesting and unique decorations from years gone by. If you prefer a more understated look, glass jars of vintage Christmas ornaments can fit right in with more modern Christmas decorations. You can also set out practical table decorations, like vintage Santa salt and pepper shakers.

7. Vintage Outdoor Christmas Decorations
Vintage Sled - Vintage Christmas Decorations
Photo: Tony Fischer
You don't need to keep all of your retro Christmas decorations inside, and if you do, you're missing out on a golden opportunity. Take them out too so you can share your fun vintage holiday cheer with the whole neighborhood! One fun idea is to set up a porch display with some of your vintage winter gear. Old wooden sleds, ice skates, or skis can adorn your porch and bring back all sorts of fun holiday memories from your childhood. Vintage outdoor Christmas decorations can also include all sorts of lawn or rooftop displays, including classic sets featuring Santa in his sled being pulled by reindeer.

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