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10 Jarring Halloween Mason Jar DIYs

If you are feeling crafty this Halloween and carving pumpkins just isn’t satisfying your creative needs, mason jars may be what you need. Halloween is a great holiday to use mason jars in ways you may not have thought of before. After all, what can’t they do? There are a number of Halloween DIY projects that use mason jars as the base. Some of the best ideas to transform them into spooky decor and centerpieces are listed right here. From creepy to spooky to hauntingly pretty, they are sure to “jar” Halloween guests into the mischievous spirit. Best of all, both DIY pros and kids will enjoy these Halloween mason jars.

Creepy Halloween Mason Jars

‘Tis the season for creepiness and this is the creepiest idea out there. These ideas can help you create a mad scientist’s lab or fill a witch doctor’s trophy case. Neither would be complete without a head in a jar. This idea also fulfills the “trick” in the trick-or-treat. Just don’t forget to treat your victim.


Complete the look by dripping black and red wax from the top of the jar onto the sides for a dramatic effect.

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Images via PopSugar and the4sparrows

Arachnophobia is real. Few things can elicit the goosebumps at just the thought than eight-legged arachnids. If you really want to give Halloween guests the heebie-jeebies, fill a mason jar with cotton balls and add plastic spiders that appear to be tending to their spider egg cocoons. Drop a glow stick in the center and you’re done. Let the shivers begin!

Halloween-Mason-Jar-Spider-Cocoon Halloween-Mason-Jar-Spider-Cocoon2
Images via Mason Jar Caraft Love and Glitter Pop Up Parties

Everyone looks good in candlelight, but you probably can’t say the same about cemetery lighting. Use a mason jar o two to line a creepy walkway, hallway or witch’s lair. All you need is some wire, paint, dyed cheesecloth, and a flameless candle.

Image via The Deadwood Cemetery

Spooky Fun Halloween Mason Jars

There is no Halloween without this cast of monsters. Recreate Frankenstein, zombies, ghosts and mummies for festive front door decor or centerpieces. Make it an extra special treat for the trick-or-treaters you know by filling them with candy when they come knocking.

Halloween-Mason-Jars-Frankenstein Halloween-Mason-Jars-Zombie Halloween-Mason-Jars-mummy
Images via Dreaming ‘n Color and Mason Jar Crafts Love

Create a Halloween scene in the mason jar. Turn it upside down and it becomes a globe. The possibilities are limitless. Check out these ideas for inspiration from Pandora’s Craft Box – from a bony hand holding and eyeball to, you guessed it, spiders.

Halloween-Mason-Jars-bony-hand-eyeball HAlloween-Mason-Jars-Spider-Globe
Images via Pandora’s Craft Box

Halloween Mason Jar Decor

Mason jars are great for creating a festive Halloween-inspired atmosphere without the creepiness and spookiness as well. Some are worthy of keeping displayed throughout the fall season. Pumpkins are the star of the season starting in October. Create your own pumpkin from the rings of a mason jar by painting them orange. Go one step further and with some creative painting, you have a jack-o-lantern.

Image via Etsy

Some washi tape, decorative ribbon, and mason jar rings make for a simple wreath with a lot of Halloween spirit.

Image via Washi Tape Crafts

For a hauntingly beautiful addition to a Halloween tablescape, simply tie a piece of ribbon around a mason jar. Add some bare branches that have been spray painted black. Add a black or dark red rose for a macabre touch.

Image via Grey Luster Girl

Chalkboard paint turns these mason jars into ingredient jars for a witch’s brew. Try serving your potion in these jars, too.

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Credit: @creativemischief

Lastly, you know Halloween is close when you see candy corn start showing up in the store. Now, it is arguable if they are actually good candy, but no one can deny that they are colorful and a symbol of the season. Simply fill a mason jar halfway with the colorful candy and set a flameless candle in the center for Halloween luminary pizzaz.

Image via Thrifty Decor Chick

What Halloween mason jars have you created to decorate for the holiday?

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