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DIY Storage Ideas for Your Next House Flip

When it comes to home flipping, the fun is in coming up with creative solutions to make the property better than before. But before you get to see the finished product, you’ll have some logistical issues to deal with as well. Storage often weighs on the minds of house flippers in more than one way. First, how will you deal with furniture and other items while renovating the house? And second, how can you incorporate more storage into a home to increase its value? Use these DIY storage ideas to make your next house flip one of the smoothest (and most profitable) ones yet.

Find Storage Space During Renovations

When you’re working on a house flip, you might have trouble finding space to store furniture, appliances, and other items while renovations take place. Moving them into other rooms might be an option, but only if you plan to work on only one room at a time. And unless there’s a huge, empty garage on site, you may be out of luck when it comes to on-site storage.

For the best results, simply invest in an affordable self-storage unit. There’s a huge upside to having your own off-site storage during a house flip. Instead of wasting time moving furniture and appliances from room to room while you complete renovations (possibly doing damage to them in the process), you can simply have one big move-out day to get everything out of the way. Ask any construction crew and they’ll tell you that it’s much easier to get things done quickly and efficiently when they don’t have to work or worry about causing damage to these items.

Incorporate Additional Storage into the Home

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You’ve dealt with the storage you need to get the job done, but what about the future homeowners who buy the property after the house flip is complete? Keep their priorities in mind by trying to incorporate more storage in the home as you complete your renovations. This is especially important when you’re working on an older home as these properties tend to have fewer and smaller closets than new homes.

Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities to add storage during a house flip. Here are a few of the best:

  • Staircase storage: In many homes, a lot of wasted space exists under the stairs. Make use of that space while flipping houses by putting pull-out drawers under the stairs. Another creative DIY storage hack is adding a small reading or office nook in that area.
  • Recessed wall storage: Take advantage of the space between walls to add DIY storage in tight spaces, such as tiny bathrooms or galley kitchens. Consult a carpenter or contractor if you’re not familiar with cutting drywall.
  • Bathroom vanity cabinet: In older homes, pedestal sinks often reign supreme. Today’s homeowners want more bathroom storage, so switch that out for a vanity with an under-sink cabinet.
  • Open shelving: This modern trend works well when you’re flipping houses since it adds storage without making the space feel smaller. It’s a great option for small kitchens and bathrooms where adding cabinets would make the space feel even tighter.
  • Built-ins: If possible, add built-in storage shelves and cabinets in those small spaces which would otherwise be underutilized. Some examples include tight corners of mud rooms and laundry rooms and the spaces on either side of a fireplace mantle. In addition to increasing storage, built-ins add value and give the home an instant style upgrade.
  • Add a closet: Prospective buyers are going to be looking for closets, so it’s important to add more if the house is lacking storage. Create additional closets in attics or basements when possible. You can also convert two equally sized, adjacent bedrooms into a master and guest bedroom by taking a bit of space from one and turning it into a closet for the other.

Whether it’s your very first house flip or you’ve lost count of how many you’ve done, you’ll appreciate having these handy DIY storage solutions to help you along the way.

Save Items for Later Use

Many house flips involve upgrading current fixtures to newer versions. While the house will certainly increase in value due to these modern upgrades, you don’t want to just throw away usable appliances, furniture, and other odds and ends. Each of these items has value, whether it’s using it in a future house flip or simply selling it on your own to an interested buyer.

This is yet another reason to have your own dedicated storage unit off site. As you go through your house flip, save those items you’re planning to replace with newer models. Place the old furniture, appliances, and accessories in your storage unit (you can even keep documents on paper or on your computer as inventory). Then, reuse them in future flips or sell them on sites like Craigslist for a profit.




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