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Life After Sun Salutations: How to Repurpose Old Yoga Mats

Life After Sun Salutations: How to Repurpose a Yoga Mat
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There are two types of people who own yoga mats: practioners of yoga and those who thought they would become practioners of yoga. If you're in the category of practioner, eventually you must figure out what to do with a mat that has seen its final Sun Salutation. If you had every intention of becoming a yogi and you took more to wearing yoga pants than practicing, chances are you have a mat or two taking up space in a dark corner. It's there for safe keeping because one day you might need it again when you become inspired. Years later it is still in that corner collecting dust bunnies.

Clear out the dust bunnies, retire your old mat, and give it a new life by repurposing it as useful items around the house. If it is still in usable condition, consider donating it for use by someone who may not be able to afford one. Be sure to clean it well prior to repurposing it or donating it. Try one of the techniques offered at GaiamTV.

Yoga mats are incredibly versatile for repurposing and in most cases all you need for the following 11 ideas is a pair of scissors, making it even easier.

  1. Get a grip. On jars that is. Cut a section of the yoga mat into a palm-sized circle and keep it in a drawer to help open stubborn lids on jars.
  2. Use it as another way to protect fragile items in a move. Cut the yoga mat into pieces to cushion delicate items.
  3. Protect your hard surface floors from scratches and scuffs by placing it under a pet crate or by cutting small circles that fit under the feet of furniture.
  4. Cut pieces that can be used as hot pads under pots and pans. Cut them into different shapes for additional aesthetics.
  5. Cushion your knees when scrubbing the floor or working in the garden by creating knee pads or folding the mat over itself.
  6. Keep your pet's food and water bowls in place by using a section of it as a place mat on the floor.
  7. Create floor mats for your car so mud, leaves, water, and salt do not get into the carpet.
  8. Keep drawers and shelves clean with yoga mat liners.
  9. Incorporate it into your outdoor festival, beach, or picnic kit for cushioned seating.
  10. Create a case for your laptop or tablet using this pattern from Halfmoon.
  11. Keep your favorite canned drink cold with a koozie or protect your hands from hot drinks with a coffee-cup sleeve. Get instructions on how to make both at Brit + Co.

We would love to hear what ideas you come up with for repurposing your yoga mat. There are so many creative things that can be done. We just touched on a few. Share your idea in the comments.

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