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Upcycled: DIY Paper Towel Holder Ideas

One of the most under-appreciated kitchen counter items is your paper towel holder. It's true. It stands on the counter or is hidden away until called upon for action after a spill or some other kitchen cleanup. This kitchen fixture is very versatile and has many uses outside the kitchen with a little creativity and thinking outside the box. Speaking of outside the box, we're unrolling we're unrolling a few ideas on ways to create your own holder from upcycled items that might be lying around your house.

In a previous blog post, we wrote about how interior décor is all about creativity and now we are offering you a few more ways to creatively organize your belongings.

  1. Stay organized in the bedroom and closet by using an old rod and hinge paper towel holder to hang fashion accessories, scarves, belts, ties and even a few baseball hats. If you are real handy, think about using an old paint roller in place of a rod and hinge paper towel holder.
    Paper Towel Holder Upcycle_ Accessory Holder
    Images via Martha Stewart and Pinterest
  2. No need to dig through the bag of ribbon when wrapping birthday and holiday gifts with this simple solution using a paper towel holder as a ribbon and tape organizer. Try attaching a cup or pencil holder to keep scissors, pencil or marker, and even gift labels in one convenient spot. It's a one stop upcycled gift wrapping center!!
    Paper Towel Holder Upcycle_Ribbon Holder
    Image via HGTV
  3. Dessert never looked so good! Creatively serve your tower of sweets on the paper towel holder. If you're going to a cookie exchange, make oversized chocolate chip cookies and cut out a hole in the middle when their still warm. Display them on your decorated cookie holder and see how your cookies stack up to others. Yes, pun heavily intended!
    Paper Towel Holder Upcycle_Dessert Display
    Image via Pinterest
  4. Never search for misplaced garbage bags again when you hang an old paper towel rack on your garage or shed wall. Remove the towel rod, insert the roll of trash bags, and hang up. Voilá!! One less thing to go missing in your garage!
    Paper Towel Holder Upcycle_Trash Bag Dispenser
    Image via Pinterest
  5. Are you a world traveler? Bring some of that adventure into your kitchen by upcycling an old globe stand into a decorative paper towel holder!
    Paper Towel Holder Upcycle _Globe Stand
  6. For the handymen and handywomen out there, upcycle old tools into a paper towel holder for use in the garage, workshop or as a conversation piece in your kitchen. This image shows an old flathead screwdriver attached to a wooden wall plate. It also comes in handy if you can't find a screwdriver!
    Paper Towel Holder Upcycle_Tools
  7. Save counter space with a cabinet level towel holder. Use leftover plumbing supplies like pipes, elbow joints and wall plates to create a sturdy and easy-to-reach towel holder next to your sink.
    Paper Towel Holder Upcycle_Plumbing Pipes
    Image via Pinterest
  8. If it's time to rotate out the old wooden kitchen utensils, turn them into your new paper towel holder. Clean up the utensils, paint or stain them to any color you like and create this crafty and functional work-of-art for your kitchen counter.
    Paper Towel Holder Upcycle_Kitchen Utensils
    Image via InMyOwnStyle.com
  9. "Hanger"-up a roll of paper towels in your laundry room, small trash bags too!!
    Paper Towel Holder Upcycle_Hangers
    Image via Pinterest
  10. Turn an old lamp into an "antique-like" paper towel holder. Add a decorative knob to the top of the lamp post to complete the look.
    Paper Towel Holder Upcycle_Lamp Stand
    Image via Pinterest
  11. Have you ever found something as "cool" as these ice tongs at a yard sale or flea market? Grab them if you do and create a showpiece in your kitchen.
    Paper Towel Holder Upcycle_Ice Tongs
    Image via JunkMarketStyle.com

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  • Interesting ideas here but I doubt anybody has that many paper towel holders in storage to give all these ideas a shot. Nor does anyone actually NEED that many paper towel holders in their household! Haha! I’ll be sure to pass on the link for this site to some of my friends redesigning their houses though. They’ll appreaciate the suggestions!

  • This is some great options for someone who is looking to take the time and make some knickknacks from older pieces. I personally love the idea of being able to have that kind of option in my house. Being able to have that kind of creativity really could be a great way to ensure that you have very creative kids as well. Thank you for sharing.