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4 Space Saving Ideas for Smart Pet Owners

Owning a dog or a cat means you'll need to find somewhere to keep necessities like food, a cage, a bed, leashes/collars, toys, grooming accessories and a litter box. Own more than one pet and their stuff can end up taking over your home! To help keep your pet stuff in check and organized, we're sharing a few creative storage solutions for pet stuff from around the web.

Pet Food Cabinet with Bowls
For dog owners, this clever piece of furniture ($56.95) created by Smart Saver LLC is a feeding station and dog accessory storage spot all in one. Store your dog's food in the upper pull out bin. When it’s mealtime, pull out the lower shelf that hides two stainless steel pet bowls. Store essentials like brushes and toys in the upper shelf and hang collars and leashes on the three side pegs. Unit comes in black, brown or white.
feedingstationbrownwood feedingstationblackwood

Cat Hammocks
On the one hand, cats look SO cute when they're curled up in their cozy cat bed. On the other hand, cat beds take up space and don't exactly match all your other furniture meant for humans. Problem solved by the Cat Crib ($29.00) – a cozy hammock for your furry family member that fits under four-legged chairs. It saves space, is washing machine safe and provides comfy place for cat naps other than on top of your furniture.

Murphy Beds for Pets
The ingenious Pet Murphy Bed ($280) by Midnight Pass is just like it sounds –a Murphy Bed that's the right size for fluffy family members. Pull it down when it's time for bed, then fold it back up when not in use.


Hidden Litterbox Enclosures
If you own a cat, you know that finding somewhere to keep your pet's unsightly (and often stinky) litter box can get tricky. Here's a tip: keep it in disguise. Try hiding it in a cabinent/table with special compartment like this one ($90) from Merry Products or even a planter with hidden compartment like this one ($56.24) from Good Pet Stuff.

hiddenlitterboxcabinet hiddenlitterboxplant

If you've got your own clever storage solution for pet gear, tell us in the comments. We'd love to hear from you!

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