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8 Marvellous Ways to Repurpose Pallets

Once they've finished serving as platforms to transport goods on forklifts, front loaders and the like, wooden pallets don't cease to be useful. In fact, they become more useful than ever! With some vision and creativity, pallets can become amazing storage spots, furniture and decorative pieces that can transform spaces in your home and save you a ton of money! Loads of ingenious DIY bloggers have already made uses for pallets in their homes, and to get you started, we’ve brought together our favorite pallet repurposing projects from around the web right here. So grab some discarded pallets and whet your palate (no pun intended) with the following ideas.

8. A table.
Pallets can be made into the perfect table for a kitchen, living room or patio. The space in between layers is perfect for storing everything from magazines to wine bottles to laptops/tablets. Whether you're going for rustic, artsy or polished, you'd be surprised how easy it is to make pallet table that aligns with your home's unique style. Check out this blog for endless inspiration. And here's how to DIY.

7. A bed.
Paint the pallets to match your bedroom colors and/or use extra pallets to make a pull-out nightstand. Stack them up to make a bed higher off the ground and use the space between layers for storage. For awesome ambience, add some LED lights to light up the underneath. Learn how easy it is to DIY over at Pallet Furniture DIY.

6. A Garden.
Pallets are perfect for turning an ordinary garden extraordinary. It's so simple to use pallets to make vertical flower gardens on the side of your home, garage or free-standing. Spruce them up with some paint for a more finished look, or leave them unpainted for a more rustic garden. If your plants are already growing in pots, save room by hanging pots and planters from the pallet's boards.

5. A deck
If you find yourself in possession of a large amount of pallets, upcycling them to make a deck is a fun longer term project. This video shows you how to DIY.

4. Shelving

Pallets can easily be converted into shelves that are both decorative and multi-functional. They're perfect for storing things like framed photos, books, cards and other memorabilia. Learn how to easily make one yourself via Practically Functional.

3. Seating
Why spend tons of money on furniture when you can make chairs, loveseats and even sofas out of pallets? Check out the Pallet Project for some inspiration. For help on making pallet seats on your own, he DIY Network shows you how here.

2. Serving
With just a little work and beautification, pallets can make the perfect rustic serving tray. Wouldn't you like to have breakfast in bed served like this?

1. Art
When you've run out of functional uses for pallets, you can always use them as a canvas for original artwork. Get creative with a word or quote you like or use paint and your imagination to create all types of images. These look great in kitchens, bathrooms and hallways.

Have you ever repurposed a pallet for use somewhere in your home? Tell us below! We'd love to hear about it.

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  • I have a lot of pallets just lying around my office. I don’t know what to do with them! I thought about throwing them away, but it looks like there are uses for them other than shipping things. I’m definitely going to try the table idea. I actually don’t have a kitchen table right now.

  • This was such an interesting article! I am blown away at all the different ways people come up with to reuse old pallets! I love all of these idea but I especially like the idea of turning an old pallet into a small coffee table! I can’t wait to try this! My Uncle just finished using a bunch of pallets for a work project so he has plenty I would use! I can’t wait to get started!
    Emily Smith

  • The two pictures that stuck out to me in this article was the one with the kitchen table and the chairs.   Who would have thought that pallets could be repurposed into something that is functional?  There are probably a lot of things that could be done with pallets, but it would probably depend on the creativity of the person.

  • There are so many uses for pallets these days. People have gotten really creative in how they use a pallet. I remember when they were only used for industrial purposes and storage. Now you can produce some pretty great looking furniture if you have some pallets. 

  • Oh wow, what a neat thing to do with the pallets. I’m amazed at just how creative people have been in using pallets instead of throwing them out. It seems like pallets can be reused for other things instead of just staking things on them.