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8 Rad Things from the 80s You Should Put in Storage

I heart the 80s

Ah, the 80s. Looking back on those years might conjure memories of neon leg warmers, Madonna, a nationwide aerobics obsession and some "totally rad" hair dos you wish you could forget about. But there are plenty of things from the 80s you shouldn't forget. In fact, you should put your awesome 80s stuff in storage so you and future generations can relive a little part of the 80s for years to come. Here's our list of 8 iconic 80s items you should save in storage:

8. Care Bears
Care Bears stuffed toys

7. Reebok FreeStyles
Reebok Freestyles in pink, green, purple and cyan

6. Arcade Games
Pac Man arcade machine

5. 80s Mobile Phone
Very large cell phone from the 80s

4. Hammer Pants (aka Genie Pants)
MC Hammer

3. Rubix Cubes
Unsolved rubik's cube

2. Alf
Alf stuffed toy

1. All Things Neon & Spandex
Spandex neon bike shorts

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