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9 Ways to Turn Cans into DIY Storage

Can't think of fresh, innovative ideas to update your home? YES, you can! Decorating this spring and summer is as easy as looking into a kitchen cabinet or the garage. By using paint cans, soup cans, or even the tabs from old soda cans, you can add extra storage spaces, organize desks, or even add a decorative flair to your lawn. With these amazing and cantastic ideas, you'll be left thinking — yes you can!

  1. Decorating your lawn can be as easy as looking into the kitchen cabinet via these inspired ideas from Totally Green Crafts. With a few soup or soda cans, paint, and wire, metallic flowers could bloom in your lawn.can diy 1
    Image via Totally Green Crafts
  2. If you prefer real plants over metallic ones, upcycled soup cans could be used as planters for seedlings or to start an herb garden for the summer.can diy 2
    Image via House of Moloko
  3. Tear the tabs of soda or soup cans to create a ball of light like this one from Inhabitat. Since this 15" light ball uses hundreds of pull-tabs, you'll need to start collecting if you want to build one of your own.can diy 3
    Image via Inhabitat
  4. For a lighting DIY project you can do now, Pure Green Magazine shows you how to build a candle holder using an upcycled can. Makezine has some great patterns to help get you started.can diy 4a
    Image via Flickrcan diy 4b
    Image via BHG.com

    can diy 4c
    Image via Woman's Day

  5. Displaying your favorite food and wine magazines in the kitchen can be easy with a few well-placed cans and some DIY skills.can diy 5
    Image via DIY Gadgets
  6. Mount paint cans in areas with little storage space to keep everything organized. During winter, the cans will be a great place to store mittens, gloves, and scarves and sunglasses and flip-flops during the summer.can diy 6
    Image via BHG.com
  7. Add a decorative flair to desks and shelving units to create cubbies to organize mail and paperwork.can diy 7
    Image via MarthaStewart.com
  8. Don't confine your cantastic décor to indoor spaces. Use upcycled cans to create a spring or summer-themed wreath for home.can diy 8
    Image via Etsy
  9. Wine connoisseurs should upcycle coffee cans to create a free-standing wine case. Remove the tops and bottoms of the cans and use spray to add a decorative touch to the outside of each then. Once dry, use a strong adhesive to stack ‘em in a creative, but balanced way.can diy 9
    Image via Real Simple

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