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Car Part or Car Art? 7 DIY Creations from Car Parts

Wishing you could turn that old junker in your garage into a vehicle fit enough to compete in Daytona? Good luck – car restoration and refurbishment can cost tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the state of the vehicle. Instead of shelling out the big bucks to restore a car, why not rev up your creativity instead? You'd be astonished by how many completely useful & out-of-the-ordinary things you can create with old car parts and a little elbow grease. Check out these seven amazing creations for some inspiration. You may not be competing in Sunday's big race, but you'll be lapping your friends & family in creativity. Don't forget to tell us which of these ideas is your favorite in the comments section!

1. Give your car's trunk the boot and trade it in for a unique chest that's a perfect piece for the home.
upcycled trunk
Image via Ronen Tinman

2. Strap-up with a stylish Seatbelt Handbag.
upcycled seatbelts

Image via Seatbeltbags.com

3. Turn the engine block into a wine rack AND a table stand– genius!
upcycled engine
Image via Roadkill Customs

4. Rubber tires can make a comfy seat – perfect for watching Sunday's big race from the comfort of your home!
upcycled tire
Image via Living Green Magazine

5. In case you weren't tired out from that last upcycling idea, here's another tire-based chair from Coroflot.
upcycled tire 2
Image via Coroflot

6. Fuel your quest for innovative products by upcycling a fuel tank into a storage spot!
upcycled fuel tank
Image via RonenTinman.com

7. If the timing's right, you can even make a watch using materials from old speedometers.
upcylced speedometers
Image via Urwerk

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