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Give a Second Life to Old Cassettes and CDs

The 90s may be long gone, but relics from the bygone remain everywhere. Ancient, obsolete objects known as "CDs" and "cassettes", once used for musical purposes, are occupying precious space in basements, attics and closets throughout the nation. If your home contains these music industry fossils, then it's time for a remix. Scroll through these 7 ways of giving a second life to your old music tech. Use the comments section and tell us which one you think rocks the most.

  1. Transform your favorite cassette into your favorite accessory. Chezlin shares how she upcycled an old cassette tape into a wallet.upcylcedcdcassette1
    Image via Chezlin.com
  2. Upcycle old CDs to craft a disco ball or sculpture like Australian artist, Sean Avery. Hang or place the piece near a window and have fun with the way the CD pieces reflect and refract light inside your home.upcylcedcdcassette2a
    Image via wikihow.comupcylcedcdcassette2b
    Image via SeanAvery.deviantart.com
  3. Jazz up your front hall with a cassette tape coat rack in a few easy steps. To create each hook, you'll need two cassettes. Cut a notch halfway into one of the tapes and glue it to the center of the second cassette. Then attached the entire piece to a wooden board. Add as many hooks as you'd like to create a cassette coat rack.upcylcedcdcassette3
    Image via Nosh
  4. Light up the night by transforming your CDs into a lamp. This project by fissionchip on Lumberjock.com uses a hollowed out beam as the lamp's back support, which houses the lamp's transformer, wiring, and toggle switch. The CDs (about 120 total!) are held together by two notched rails to allow for easy disassembly.upcylcedcdcassette4
    Image via Lumberjock.com
  5. Cut your old tracks and make some new jewelry. Start small by creating a single broken piece to create a necklace and earring set like this one from Crafting a Green World. Once you've had some practice working with broken CD pieces, try creating jewelry projects like this one from Etsy using multiple pieces.upcylcedcdcassette5
    Image via Crafting a Green Worldupcylcedcdcassette5b
    Image via Etsy.com
  6. Build a retro jewelry box using old cassettes like this one from Reclaimed Wreckage. Store jewelry and other valuables inside.upcylcedcdcassette6
    Image via Reclaimed Wreckage
  7. Could you use an extra chair? Create a cassette chair! While it may be not be the most comfortable seat in the house, your music-loving friends will certainly appreciate it.upcylcedcdcassette7
    Image via OOO My Design

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