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CubeSmart Gives Back with Toys for Tots

In 2013, CubeSmart continued its annual participation in the Toys for Tots Program. We are proud to announce that we have collected and distributed hundreds of toys this year to children in need with the help of generous CubeSmart customers. We would like to share a few of our successes from CubeSmart locations across the country.

Clifton, NJ
NJ 1NJ 2
After overcoming the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy last year, our CubeSmart location in Clifton, NJ collected over 100 toys in their community. This is three times the amount donated in the previous year.

Mundelein, IL
We would like to extend special thanks to our Mundelein, IL location, who collected more toys than any other drop-off location in the region!

Fort Worth, TX
Congratulations to our Fort Worth, TX locations who collected over 430 toys!

Exton, PA
Our CubeSmart location in Exton, PA collected over 489 Toys for Tots!

Glendale, AZ
Our CubeSmart location in Glendale, AZ collected so many toys that they couldn't fit in two Toys for Tots Collection boxes.

Southeast Florida
Staff Sergeant Meketa (right) and Sergeant Alvarez (left) helped our Southeast Florida location collect Toys for Tots. Here they are with CubeSmart's Senior District Manager, Tom Rosati and his wife at the district holiday party. Staff Sergeant Meketa is an eleven year veteran with the Corps and has already served five tours.

Mesa, AZ
AZ 2
In addition to collecting Toys for Tots, our Mesa, AZ location delivered over 1,500 toys from collection sites all across the region. The above image shows how full the truck was after only 3 stops!

Enfield, CT
Every year, a local restaurant donates toys to our Enfield, CT location. Their patrons bring toys to this location or donate money for the purchase of toys.

CubeSmart’s 2013 Toys for Tots campaign has been a clear success! Many thanks again to our generous customers, and all of our CubeSmart employees, who committed their time and energy to bringing so many toys to children this holiday season.

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