Best of the Web: Home Decorating Tips To Celebrate Fall

Spring isn’t the only time for a major cleaning and reorganization project. With the kids heading back to school and the weather turning cool enough to open the windows, plenty of homeowners make fall a prime time for new organization projects, clean sweeps and preparations for winter. It’s also a great time to borrow some home staging tips for your next holiday party or Halloween gathering, so take a look at the best of what the Web has to offer for October’s do-it-yourselfers and dusting divas.

upcycled front porch

Between back-to-school expenses and the upcoming holiday season, budgets can sometimes feel a pinch in the fall. Frugal Faye has home decor and storage solutions that are both pretty and penny-saving. In her October installment, she explains how to create stunning looks with an upcycled front porch for fall with painted pumpkins, festive fall flowers and a grapevine wreath. The appealing display is designed to last for months and can welcome trick-or-treaters or Thanksgiving guests to your home.

Plastic Cups

Blogger, humorist and homemaker Dana White isn’t afraid to speak the truth about her housekeeping habits. She’s spent years learning how to de-clutter and get organized, and on her A Slob Comes Clean blog, she shares her wisdom with other homemakers who need a little help keeping the clutter contained. Her recent post on making room in a packed kitchen cabinet for a shiny new set of “grown-up” glasses is worth a read, and her accompanying webisode brings a welcome note of humor to a subject that isn’t a favorite for many homeowners: cleaning those kitchen cabinets. If you have a collection of vintage plastic cups in your kitchen, maybe it’s time to upgrade too.

Fall Family Room

Organization is about more than finding a home for everything; at The Inspired Room, it’s also about creating a space in which to dream. One of the most popular decorating blogs, The Inspired Room focuses on simplicity and authenticity in design. Blog founder and author Melissa has an update on the den she’s turning into a cozy retreat for fall. Rich, visually appealing textures in a tufted ottoman, plush stuffed pumpkins and walls in a soft gray flannel hue turn a small space into an oasis of comfort just in time for autumn’s cooler weather.

Moving Boxes

If you’re moving into a new home, you’re already starting with a clean slate, but organizing your move can be a challenge. Guest blogger M. Hunter at MovinGal has some must-have apps that bring technology into the mix. Apps for your smartphone let you take a detailed inventory, track packages, connect with your new neighbors and find the best restaurants or shops in your new location. Take some of the stress out of moving with powerful organizational tools in the palm of your hand.


Furniture Arrangements

Careful staging helps you sell your home, but it can also be an inspiration for giving your living room or den a fresh, new look even if you’re not planning to move. Self-professed granny blogger and home staging expert Barbara Pilcher with DIY Home Staging Tips has turned her eye for detail and sense of style into an outstanding blog and a series of books. In her October post, she features her latest e-book filled with fantastic pointers for using the furniture, art and accessories you already own to create a stunning new style in any room of the house. Learn how to create a more functional home office space, encourage conversations with furniture grouping and use lighting for magazine-worthy home decor.


DIY Small Living Space

Some do-it-yourself tasks are tough not because they’re big or complex but because they take place in such a small space that it’s difficult to make room for them. Apartment dwellers know this issue, but homeowners who have a tiny workroom or share garage space with the family sedan also need to know how to get things done in small places. Alan Henry’s regular Ask Lifehacker feature focuses on this issue just in time for the holidays, so if you’re looking for room to complete that woodworking project or rebuild your computer, find out how to claim more space. Read the comments section for more insights on how to do it yourself without taking up too much square footage.

Fall Colors for the Home

There’s no such thing as having too much storage, but sacrificing a room’s good looks for storage solutions isn’t always ideal. Professional organizer Helena Alkhas with A Personal Organizer has tips to find more room for everything from seasonal sporting goods to spare linens while maintaining your home’s beautiful style. For October, her “Color Me Orange” post showcases fall’s most fashionable hue in home furnishings that let you celebrate the season while keeping your home tidy. She recommends choosing Halloween decorations that can store flat and slip into a hall closet when not in use as well as using natural accents meant to be replaced each year.

Clean Living Room

You may have the urge to de-clutter, organize or redecorate, but finding specific inspiration for your home can be tough. Browsing Pinterest or flipping through glossy home magazines gives you an overwhelming flood of information, but a more personal look at a lifestyle blog is sometimes just what you need to spark ideas. Find a charming example of how one family achieves organizing and decorating dreams at Smile and Wave where blogger Rachel welcomes you into her home. Her picture-rich “These Days” post is a series of quiet vignettes of her vintage finds, handmade items and family heirlooms. Browse the site and let her one-of-a-kind vintage style inspire a few looks of your own.

October’s the perfect month for getting organized or rolling up your sleeves for some fall cleaning. The comparative lull before the holiday rush and after the start of the school year means you can take this time for yourself and your home, getting one step closer to the well-organized, clutter-free and beautifully decorated dream home you always hoped to have.

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