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National Kitchen & Bath Month: 5 Tips for Smarter Bathroom Storage

Not only is October National Kitchen & Bath Month, it's also a great time to spruce up the house and remodel. With the kids back in school and a couple of months before the holidays hit, there's some free time to think about areas of your home, like the bathroom, that could use an update. If you're remodelling a bathroom that's on the smaller side, you'll need to get creative with storage solutions. Here are 5 different ways to create more storage space in a small bathroom:

1. Upcycle Furniture
Turn a dresser into a vanity around your sink hide pipes and gain more storage space. Use polyurethane to protect wood. Idea via Better Homes and Gardens.

2. Use magnets
Want a more organized medicine cabinet? Install a magnetized strip near, or inside, your cabinet. It's perfect for keeping track of small metal objects like bobby pins, clips, tweezers, clippers, scissors, makeup items, etc. Idea via House to Home.

3. Create storage space around the bathtub
Have a free standing tub? Using the wasted space around it for storage is a great way to free up room in a cramped bathroom. You can build a DIY paneling system or you can install a Stowaway.

4. Create storage space around the sink
If you have a pedestal sink, get creative by using round shelving to create extra space underneath the sink. Install a shelving unit like this one to cover the sink, sew a curtain to fit the area, and use velcro to attach it to the sink. Via Apartment Therapy.

5. Create storage space around the toilet
The underutilized space above the toilet bowl tank is perfect for shelving and cabinentry. If you don't feel like installing your own DIY shelves or cabinets, you can easily find an affordable piece to match your bathroom's decor at a store like Target.

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  • These are the awesome ideas to create more storage space in the bathroom. I am going to utilize the space above the toilet bowl tank in my own bathroom.