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Your Old Bathtub is Not Washed Up

Think your old bathtub is all washed up? Get inspired by these 8 upcycling projects to give your tub a second life. No soap required! Don't forget to tell us which of these smart ideas is your favorite in the comment section below.

1. Get comfy in this stylish bathtub chair from Reddish Studios.
Image via Reddish Studios

2. Cool down with your favorite beverages at your next party
Image via Maravilla Gardens

3. Or warm up by the fire by transforming an old tub into a new sofa. Green Moxie shows you how.
Image via Green Moxie

4. Soak in the beautiful outdoors in a rocking bathtub sofa or
Image via Furnish Burnish

5. Relax inside with a good book in a tub-inspired book nook.
Image via Exploring the Outdoor Classroom

6. Make music, not bubbles, by transforming an old tub into a double bass like this upcycled project from Jeffu Warmouth.
Image via Jeffu Warmouth

7. Add a decorative flair to your home by upcycling your bathtub into a fountain or
Image via Furnish Burnish

8. Give your home an earthy feel by transforming an old tub into a coffee table planter.
Image via Garage Sale Gal

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