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Preserve Memories Through Upcycling and DIY


Upcycling is often associated with turning an old, used item into something new. But there is a different approach you may not have considered. You may want to try reworking an item you used while creating a special memory or one that reminds you of a special moment in time. A special occasion or an everyday task that became memorable can be captured in an upcycled memento to be used or displayed in your home.

Here are three examples of how to use upcycling to preserve cherished memories.


1. Plant a tree in the backyard with your children. When all done, gather up the tools used and have your kids paint the hand shovel, bucket, and rake after you have washed off the dirt. Hang the rake by the entrance to the garage to store coats or keys. Put the bucket in the kitchen and turn it into the family candy jar or turn it into a lamp shade. Lean the shovel against the front door as a conversation piece for all who visit your home. Whether in the kitchen, walking to the garage, or walking through the front door, you will remember the day you spent with your family planting a tree.

2. Paint the basement with the grandchildren. Ask the grandchildren to help you paint the unfinished walls of your basement. When completed, ask them to put their hands in the paint and leave handprints on the roller pan. When the paint is dry, attach the used brushes on each corner of the pan and enjoy a container to put your mail into, reminding you each day of your gracious and helpful grandchildren.

3. Add color to that old mirror. Getting new furniture for your bedroom? Planning on discarding the old floor length mirror on the back of the door? Lean the mirror against a wall. Attach crayons to the top of the mirror and supervise the children as they use a hairdryer to melt the crayons. The colors will run down the mirror, creating a work of art to be treasured for years to come on every visit to the laundry room.

When you think of upcycling, don't just think about stumbling across old items and finding new ways to reuse them. Think deliberately – how can we capture the memory of a wonderful moment through upcycling?


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