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Inside the Green Beret of Desi Maes

Desi Maes standing in front of his trailer at CubeSmart
Written by Shannon Gauger

This is one of a series of stories we are sharing to show what’s inside CubeSmart. You not only get a peek inside our customer’s storage unit, but also a peek inside what is important to them. Thank you to Desi Maes, a customer of our CubeSmart store in Dallas, for sharing his story with us.

Desi Maes has always been helping people. After 21 years of military service as a Green Beret, this Midland, Texas, native found himself retiring from active duty. He wasn't one to be "retired" and did not want to get bored, so he started a small construction company to keep himself busy.

"I started small, just something to keep me busy in retirement but things started getting bigger," Desi said.

Irving Renovation and Construction grew and continues to grow in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. As business grew, so did his need for storage, so he turned to CubeSmart.

Desi had lots of options for self storage, but the Lewisville CubeSmart location is convenient for him. Currently, he stores trailers and has a 10×20 storage unit for tools and other equipment needed for his business. He's at his unit frequently pulling in containers, unloading and getting new supplies for each new job. Having access to everything he needs on a daily basis is key to keeping his business running smoothly.

"That's one of the reasons why I like this place," says Desi. "It's effortless to get in and out of. I can drop off a trailer or pick one up like I'm doing today. I can unload fast. Plus the people here are great. I’m in and out of here a few times a day sometimes."

Desi said when he got into the renovation and construction business, he didn't want to rip people off. Many people are just out to make a buck. They do a lousy job and leave people with even more problems. He wants to help people and give them an honest and reliable service. "Business is good," Desi said. "I'm staying swamped, which is good for me."

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