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Inside the Professional Parties of Jennifer Grabel

Jennifer Grabel

This is one of a series of stories we are sharing to show what's inside CubeSmart. You not only get a peek inside our customer's storage unit, but also a peek inside what is important to them. Thank you to Jennifer, customer of our CubeSmart store in Philadelphia,  for sharing her story with us.

As a college student, Jennifer Grabel was referred by a friend for a part-time job as a promotional model for a beverage marketing company. The work, which involved appearing at events and parties, giving out samples, and talking to customers about the products, appealed to her because she'd always liked going out. As a bartender, she was interested in spirits, and this gave her a chance to learn more about the brands she was serving.

"When I was a little girl I probably wanted to be a veterinarian—this wasn't the kind of job I imagined ever doing but it was fun and I enjoyed the work."

Eleven years later, Jennifer is still in the business, only now she's planning the parties for Moet Hennessy USA's Strategic Experiential Group.

"Putting together events is my favorite part of the job and over time you get to meet everyone in Philly."

Jennifer is the woman behind the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, held every July, the Philadelphia Wine Festival, and the Philadelphia Whiskey Festival. On any given event she might coordinate with a charity, sponsoring magazines and other client accounts while overseeing 10 to 25 people and selecting décor to make the final product "amazing." CubeSmart is in many ways her mobile office.

"A lot of my job is scheduling and staffing and recruiting people to work for us. We do events in nightclubs and bars and in public spaces like Dilworth Plaza. I have a very large storage unit that's filled with promotional items. I come here at least once a week to make the kits or to meet with the staff and make sure everyone's ready and doing what they need to be doing. Sometimes someone at the front desk will call me to tell me about things that are happening here that I don't even know about, which I really appreciate."

One of her favorite annual events when Hennessey selects an artist to design a limited edition bottle of Very Special blend cognac. The artist is then feted at a gala event—typically at a museum like the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Past winners have included KAWS, Futura and Shepard Fairy.

"At the event, we get to meet the artist and hear about their inspiration for the design, which is always fascinating," she says.

The holiday season means promotions for just about every brand Jennifer represents, so she anticipates a heavier workload and more visits to the 501 Callowhill Street CubeSmart in Philadelphia where she stores her supplies.

"I will probably be here from morning to night, getting ready for all the samplings and coordinating pickup and drop-off with staff at the various liquor stores around the region."

In between meeting famous people and planning glamorous events, her career has allowed Jennifer to learn more about wine.

"I like knowing the regions, the nomenclature, the grapes. When I was younger I didn't care about wine but now I really adore that part of the job."

When she's off work, Jennifer enjoys coming up with new recipes for cocktails. On a recent trip to Palm Beach she had the bartender make her a concoction of coconut water, tequila and fresh lime juice with a salted toasted coconut rim on the glass.

"It was amazing. I definitely still like to show off my skills when I can."


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