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CubeSmart Partners with JDog Junk Removal and Hauling

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You have been putting off cleaning out your basement for months, maybe even years because you just don't even know where to begin. Your car no longer fits in the garage because the garage has become storage for your mother's household when she moved into assisted living two years ago. Your attic is storing holiday decorations, numerous sets of skis, and baby clothes you have not used, let alone seen, in a decade. Organizing projects like these are easy to put off because you don't have to look at it every day, but they just get bigger and become overwhelming. You could probably use some help.

CubeSmart has partnered with JDog's Junk Removal and Hauling to make these types of projects easier to handle. A full-service junk removal and hauling company that works exclusively with military vets and family members for franchising opportunities, JDog Junk Removal and Hauling helps you while helping the veteran community. CubeSmart customers needing assistance with home and business cleanup reap the benefits of years of military training that have engrained a work ethic focused on efficiency, precision, honesty, and respect.

Many veterans face a tough time entering the workforce after a career in the military. "Sometimes, the hard skills learned in military jobs are not easily transferable to careers outside the military, but the military teaches leadership, problem-solving, and teamwork, which do translate," said Kevin Kopa, Vice President of Quality Assurance. Military values underscore the excellent customer service from JDog owners and team members. Being on time seems simple enough, but we have all experienced the "window of arrival" with other service providers that keep you waiting for hours.

"When we make an appointment for 10 o'clock, we're going to be there at 9:45 looking professional," said Kopa. "They're going to treat your house and your belongings with respect, and when they're done cleaning out the garage or basement, they're going to use a broom to sweep and clean up after themselves. They're not going to leave you with a mess."

Not everything cleared out of a space is junk that needs to be thrown out. Maybe you don't have space for it right now. JDog will bring the items you want to keep, but don't know what to do with just yet, to CubeSmart for you and put them in your storage unit. If you would rather have the items donated to a specific charity, JDog can drop them off for you and make sure you get the donation receipt. If you truly are ready to part with it and just want everything gone, JDog makes every effort to reduce the impact on landfills by recycling, donating, and selling what it can once the items have been hauled away.

Further illustrating the importance of working with a company you can trust, Kopa shared a recent customer experience in which a JDog employee was cleaning out a basement. The employee came across a doll fashioned out of paper money. He guesses that the doll was worth a couple hundred dollars. The homeowner was so surprised when she was presented with it. She had no idea it was even in the mess that was her basement. "It was the perfect opportunity for someone to take advantage of the situation, but, instead, our team recognized that it probably wasn't junk to the homeowner and presented her with the found money doll."

CubeSmart customers can take advantage of junk removal and hauling with military detail, precision, and respect. We are proud to be able to partner with JDog Junk Removal and Hauling at select CubeSmart locations in Texas and Pennsylvania.

JDog Frequently Asked Questions
Is JDog affordable? JDog charges by the amount of junk we load in our trailers. They offer a single item haul, 1/4 load. 1/2 load. 3/4 load and a full load charge. JDog is consistently 15% – 20% less expensive than our competitors.
Are they licensed and insured? Yes, all franchisees are fully insured and licensed where it is required by local regulations.
Can they assist with moving? Absolutely, JDog can help with light moving and franchises offer hourly rates if you need assistance packing.
How much notice does JDog need? Depending on the local franchise's schedule, they can often do jobs same day or at your earliest convenience.
What do they take? JDog hauls almost anything. Big or small, JDog can haul it and will provide a guaranteed price before they begin work.
Is there anything they don't take? JDog does not take hazardous materials or chemicals. They will take paint products so long as the containers are opened and the liquid material has either dried or the container has been filled with kitty litter or other filler.

CubeSmart and JDog have teamed up at the following CubeSmart Self Storage locations:


CubeSmart Self Storage in Conshohocken

CubeSmart Self Storage in Exton

CubeSmart Self Storage in Langhorne

CubeSmart Self Storage in Levittown

CubeSmart Self Storage in Malvern

CubeSmart Self Storage in Montgomeryville

CubeSmart Self Storage in Norristown

CubeSmart Self Storage in Philadelphia on Callowhill Street

CubeSmart Self Storage in Philadelphia on Mayfair Street


CubeSmart Self Storage in Allen

CubeSmart Self Storage in Northwest Carrollton

CubeSmart Self Storage in North Dallas

CubeSmart Self Storage in Dallas, near Northeast Carrollton

CubeSmart Self Storage in Far North Dallas

CubeSmart Self Storage in North Dallas on LBJ Freeway

CubeSmart Self Storage in Denton

CubeSmart Self Storage in Frisco near Stonebrook Estates

CubeSmart Self Storage in Frisco in Hillcrest Estates

CubeSmart Self Storage in Northstar Business Park in Frisco

CubeSmart Self Storage in Lakeside Office Park in Frisco

CubeSmart Self Storage in Frisco near the Enclave at Stonebrook

CubeSmart Self Storage in Frisco near Panther Creek Estates

CubeSmart Self Storage in Camelot in Garland

CubeSmart Self Storage of Garland

CubeSmart Self Storage in Lewisville on Highway 121 Bypass

CubeSmart Self Storage in Lewisville on Texas Street

CubeSmart Self Storage in Lewsiville

CubeSmart Self Storage in Little Elm on Sunflower Drive

CubeSmart Self Storage in Little Elm on FM 423

CubeSmart Self Storage in McKinney on North McDonald Street

CubeSmart Self Storage in McKinney on South Central Expressway

CubeSmart Self Storage in McKinney on Westridge Boulevard

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