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Weird Things to Collect

According to Psychology Today, "collecting is primordial; it's who we are." Investment, memory keepsakes, socializing, and research are all motivations for collecting items. Some collections reveal changes over time and share information about the world at the time it was created. Other collections appeal to a wide audience and can be quite valuable and prized. Some items are just weird things to collect. Perhaps even more impressive than the weirdest things people collect is the amount to which they collect their favorite items – some collections could probably benefit from the extra room a self-storage unit provides.

For Milt Waddams of Office Space, there was only one stapler that could possibly make him happy. He would not accept any other. To own one stapler is not strange, but what about actually seeking out staplers of all types, sizes, and colors for a collection. So many that the collection starts to take over your living room and you need to find more storage space to indulge in your passion. Vintage, business, or novelty staplers may not be of interest to many of us, but they are not on this list of weird things to collect. The following collections are passions of their eclectic collectors and, in some cases, may elicit the question, "why?"

Belly Button Fluff
WEirdest Things People Collect_Belly Button Fluff
Image via Graham's Paddock

Someone decided that they wanted to know just how much fluff a person's belly button collects. It's not exactly palatable to most of us, but it works for him. Fortunately for him and anyone who lives with him, his collection does not require a lot of space. Several years' worth of fluff easily fits into a small glass jar.

Talking Clocks
WErdest Things People Collect_Talking Clocks
Image via Atchuup.com

Some people like to preserve the passage of time through watch collections or traditional clock collections. Mark McKinley prefers a collection of talking clocks. His collection is so large that he holds the world's record.

Dalmatian Print
Weirdest Things People Collect_Dalmation Print
Image via Solent News

Karen Ferrier's love of Dalmatian print rivals Cruella De Vil. Estimated at more than 3,500 pieces, her collection included everything from stuffed toys to clothing to custom painted Dalmatian print cars. An unfortunate split with her husband forced her to part ways with her collection due to lack of space in her new home.

Here Comes Santa Claus
WEirdest Things Peopel Collect_Santa Dolls

A Santa Claus doll collection that is 6,000 strong stays in holiday storage much of the year until the holiday season comes along. Collector Sharon Badgley spends almost three weeks putting the dolls on display.

Nailed It
WEirdest tHings People Collect_Nail Clippings_Research

The Atlantic Partnership for Tomorrow's Health, or "PATH," in Canada owns the largest collection of toenail clippings. The have collected over 30,000 clippings for research purposes and stored them in individual sealed baggies.

Then there is this guy who has collected his toenail clippings for the last 36 years just for the fun of it. This, along with the belly button fluff, are definitely at the top of the weird things to collect list.
WEirdest tHings Peopel Collect_nail clippings_curiosity

Soaked in Fun
WEidestthigns people collect_Super Soaker
Not so much weird, but a very fun collection of super soakers. The size is impressive to say the least. The collection includes 340 super soakers, 240 of which are unique. Collector Chris Reid probably has the best summer water wars.

Whether it's for you or not, these people collect items for the fun of it, for research, or because they truly have a passion for the items they collect. What do you passionately collect, weird or not?

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