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Baby-Safe Cleaning Products

Keeping kids safe and secure is a priority for every parent, but it isn’t always easy to know where to focus your energy. Since cleaning products and harsh chemicals present a danger to curious kids of all ages, this is a smart place to start. Replace common chemicals with these six baby-safe cleaning products, and create a worry-free home for your family.

Kid-friendly all-purpose cleaners

Baby safe and family-friendly cleaning products
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When your busy schedule doesn’t include much spare time for cleaning, an effective all-purpose cleaner should be at the top of your list. This type of product can get just about any surface clean, leaving your home sanitized and safe for kids.
Since your little ones will inevitably come into contact with these surfaces, you’ll want to make all-natural cleaning products a priority. Skip the harsh products you can buy at the store and go natural instead. Sprinkle baking soda on countertops and other surfaces, and scrub gently with a damp sponge. Add a little white vinegar or some table salt to tackle tough stains.

Safe Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaners

When it comes to keeping the bathroom and kitchen tidy, using cleaning products safe for baby is essential. After all, commercial tub, tile, and toilet cleaners are packed with chemicals that are dangerous to ingest and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are harmful to inhale.
Rather than using harsh chemicals, opt for baby-friendly cleaning products instead. The white vinegar that you use to clean stubborn surfaces can also fight mold in the bathroom. The plain baking soda that you sprinkle on countertops also works on the tub and the shower. To clean the toilet without potentially toxic chemicals, use castile soap instead. This mild soap is plant-based and totally safe for baby.

Floor Cleaners

When your little ones start to crawl and explore on their own, you’ll want to make sure that the floors are as clean as possible. Try baby-safe household cleaners from brands like Eco-Me, which will clean your floors and eliminate bacteria without introducing harsh chemicals into your home.
If you’d rather go natural, try using a mixture of castile soap and warm water to clean up messes. You can even add a hint of shine with a one-to-one ratio of white vinegar and vegetable oil.

Best baby friendly laundry products

As your family grows, you’ll quickly have more laundry than you ever thought possible. In some cases, those piles of dirty clothes will be messier than you thought possible, too. While you might be tempted to use industrial-strength laundry detergent to keep your kids’ clothes clean and sanitary, keep in mind that many harsh products can irritate your baby’s sensitive skin.
Keep the little ones happy and your laundry piles manageable with the best baby-safe household cleaners. Try a baby-friendly laundry detergent that’s fragrance-free and has minimal ingredients, like Biokleen. This eco-friendly detergent is ideal for sensitive skin and eczema, and it’s available in economy-size dispensers to make your laundry routine easier.

Dishwashing Liquids

When it comes to choosing cleaning products safe for baby, you’ll want to pay special care to the dishwashing liquids that you use. Not only can harsh dishwashing products release nasty chemicals into the air and affect baby’s breathing passages, but these items also linger on bottles, plates, and flatware.
As a general rule, avoid harsh dishwashing products that contain antibacterial ingredients like triclosan. These substances are believed to be carcinogenic and can also contribute to antibiotic resistance, so they’re chemicals to keep far away from your little ones.
Instead of commercial-grade cleaners, choose natural dishwashing liquids. Better Life Dish Soap skips the synthetic fragrances, and Eco-Me Dish Soap cleans effectively without harsh ingredients.

Child-safe air fresheners

Little ones are known for making messes, and over time, this can lead to a smelly house. While it’s easy to drown out unpleasant odors with spray bottles of commercial-grade air fresheners, this could have detrimental effects on the whole family’s health. Rather than buying air fresheners at the supermarket, try making them at home. When you use only natural ingredients, you can rest assured that you have cleaning products safe for children of all ages.
Try absorbing odors with natural products like cat litter or coffee grounds. Pour these materials in small bowls around the house, and be sure to place them relatively high so curious fingers won’t cause them to spill. If you want to purify the air, add a few small palm trees and other green houseplants to your interior decor. These plants will brighten your home while pulling harmful household chemicals from the air supply.
When you want to keep your children safe, removing hazards from your home is essential. Shift breakables and other potentially dangerous items to a household storage unit, and phase out harmful cleaning products. When you follow these tips, you’ll give yourself peace of mind knowing that your home is clean and safe.

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