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13 Scary Halloween Decorations to Put into Storage

When you put so much effort into decorating for Halloween, it wouldn’t make sense to get rid of everything and start from scratch next October. Of course, real jack-o’-lanterns should end up in the trash can or compost heap so you don’t have something truly frightening on your hands. The rest of these scary Halloween decorations will do well in your self-storage unit until it’s time to decorate for Halloween again.

Photo: Ian Spanier
1. Zombie Hands: Mannequin hands and arms holding a variety of rusty tools can emerge from all over your yard during October. They’re all the rage these days, so make sure to save them so those zombies have another chance to show up next year.

Photo: Makezine
2. Window Silhouettes: There are plenty of downloadable templates you can use to create your own window silhouettes on black paper. After you have put in all the work of cutting them out, make sure to save them again for next year.

Photo: The Frisky
3. Fireplace Skeleton: Even if your skeleton is looking a little bit beat up, he should still head into storage for next year, when you can use him as a creepy fireplace skeleton. Just arrange the pieces in a pile in your fireplace and make guests wonder what their fate will be.

Photo: Ian Spanier
4. Giant Spider: A giant spider made of a stuffed black trash bag, black PVC legs, and a little red electrical tape for features is sure to scare the whole neighborhood. Put the spider legs in storage, then attach them to a black trash bag full of your fall leaves next year to make another giant spider.

Photo: Instructables
5. Bloody Bathroom Linens: If you regularly have guests over during October and your guest bathroom has a shower, it’s easy to bring the scene from Hitchcock’s Psycho to mind with a white shower curtain splattered with fake blood. Just don’t forget to put it away when Halloween is over so you don’t get a surprise when you’ve forgotten about it.

Photo: Good Housekeeping
6. Family Photo: A creepy family photo looks so much better when it’s in a frame, but that makes it bulkier to store for next year. Tuck it into your storage unit, and don’t worry about dings on the frame, which will just make it look older and more realistic.

Photo: homedit
7. Creepy Halloween Dolls: Baby dolls have infinite possibilities when it comes to scary Halloween decorations. Scars made with red paint or marker will easily turn the dolls into something frightening, and the more you can gather, the better.

Photo: Ian Spanier
8. Chicken Wire Ghost: Chicken wire molded into the realistic shape of a life-size ghost is an incredibly effective illusion for an outdoor Halloween decoration. Transport it carefully to your storage unit and put it up high where it won’t get smashed.

Photo: Haunt Forum
9. Body in a Bag: A fake body in a bag is sure to startle passersby, and you can easily make one with some large trash bags and a roll of strong tape. This is one of the bulkiest outdoor Halloween decorations, though, so take it to storage so it’s out of the way until next year.

Photo: homedit
10. Cheesecloth Ghost: The most realistic and creepy ghosts make use of cheesecloth for a truly ephemeral effect. Once you go through the trouble of getting a mannequin and gluing cheesecloth to the head, you have a decoration that is incredibly easy to set up again next year.

Photo: Good Housekeeping
11. Door Wreath: A black crow perched on a darkly decorated wreath sets the spooky mood well when guests arrive at your home during October. Gently package it in a box before storing to ensure it does not get damaged before next year.

Photo: homedit
12. Head in a Dome: A realistic mannequin head under a glass dome makes a really creepy and lifelike decoration, but you need to store it carefully for next year. Wrap the glass dome in bubble wrap and put the whole thing in a box before going to storage.

Photo: homedit
13. Witch’s Legs: If you used the head of a mannequin for another decoration, make sure you don’t waste the legs. A pair of striped stockings and outlandish witch boots can make realistic legs to stick out from under a bush or shed, or put upside down in a planter.

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