5 Celebrities That Don’t Need Storage

Most people would love a roomier home. They’d love extra storage space to keep belongings like sports equipment, recreational vehicles, clothing and furniture. Or, they’d simply love a little more room to move around in. On the other hand, a select few people have so much space that they may never have enough stuff to fill it. In fact, some celeb homes are so gigantic it may take months or even years for them to get around to visiting every room inside. For these few elite stars, storage will never be a problem. For everyone else, CubeSmart is here to help. Here’s our list five people who are very unlikely to need a storage facility anytime soon.

5. Ryan Seacrest

In 2012, TV producer, radio personality and American Idol host Ryan Seacrest bought Ellen Degeneres’ and Portia Rossi’s sprawling Beverly Hills estate for $49 million. Seacrest will have no trouble finding space to store his footwear inside this pad – large shoe closets are just one of many custom interior features the star added to his new home. Other amenities include a meditation room, personal gym and lap pool.

4. Alicia Keys

Another star who doesn’t need storage is Alicia Keys. The singer-songwriter-actress recently bought Eddie Murphy’s former home in Englewood, NJ for an estimated $12 million. The seven bedroom, thirteen bathroom house, which sits on four acres, reportedly includes a pool, bowling alley, racquetball court, movie theatre, professional recording studio, five-car garage, gym, tennis court and a playground. We’re guessing Keys & hip-hop star husband Swizz Beatz won’t have any trouble finding room to keep their toddler son Egypt’s toys.

3. Bill Gates

The software mogul’s 66,000-square-foot mansion in Medina, Washington is known as Xanadu 2.0 and overlooks Lake Washington from an earth-sheltered hill. The high-tech complex is said to be automated by an estate-wide server system that adjusts temperature, lighting and music based on guests’ preferences. In addition to a pool with an underwater music system and a 2,500- square foot gym, Xanadu 2.0 boasts an oculus and domed library that serves as storage space for the massive book collection amassed by the world’s second richest man.

2. Petra Ecclestone

In June 2011 heiress Petra Ecclestone purchased The Manor, the infamous chateau-style estate formerly owned by the late Aaron Spelling, for a reported $85 million. The mansion is situated on 4.6 acres in the Holmby Hills section of Los Angeles with 56,000 square feet of space and 123 rooms. Equipped with four two-car garages and a parking lot that can accommodate up to 100 vehicles, we predict the Formula One heiress will have no problem with vehicle storage any time soon. The behemoth house also includes amenities like five bars, three gift-wrapping rooms, a bowling alley, a gym, a dog grooming room, a screening room, a flower-cutting hall, a tennis court and a pool – just to name a few.

1. Oprah Winfrey

Purchased in 2001 for nearly $52 million, the media mogul’s Georgian-style home known as The Promised Land sits on a 43 acre property in Montecito, CA. Oprah is currently giving the estate a makeover, and with 23,000-square-feet to work with, we’re confident she won’t have any trouble finding room for storage. But if she does, she could of course turn to her ranch in Hawaii for more space.


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The CubeSmart Storage Blog is your one-stop-shop for moving and organizing help. Get motivated with our fun and helpful posts on all things moving and storage-related.

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