5 Space-Saving Accessory Storage Ideas & Hacks

Coming up with storage for accessories feels frustrating when you don’t have any clever ideas. Earring trees and jewelry boxes are fine, but they don’t have that creative zing you’d like in your storage and decor. Plus, they’re often too small for people who like to keep tons of hair things and jewelry on hand. Some favorite storage ideas adapt beautifully for accessories, helping you keep track of what you have, keep it from tangling, and sometimes even use it as decoration.

Tiny Cups

One of the most popular jewelry storage ideas involves using any small, cupped implements you have on hand to create storage. Some people paint the bottom half of egg cartons and use them for earrings and rings. Others find tiny teacups and arrange them across the top of a vanity, with each teacup holding jewelry and hair accessories. Even small spice bottles with their tops taken off can hold things like bobby pins and hair ties.

Some of these options, like bottles and teacups, look cute atop a vanity. Not everyone has bathroom counter or vanity counter space to leave a bunch of accessory storage sitting out. If you don’t love the idea of an egg carton sitting atop your vanity or on display in the bathroom, stick it in a drawer.

Cork Boards

Straight pins and push pins in a cork board make handy places to hang earrings and necklaces. You probably have an old cork board lying around somewhere, or hiding out in your storage unit. Dig it out and cover it with a pretty piece of fabric that matches your bedroom. You can DIY a frame with nails by hammering them into the cork board’s frame atop the fabric.

Then, find strong pins with long necks that give you space to hang your jewelry. Experiment a little with the push pins that work best for you. The great part about the cork board accessory organizer is how easy it is to accommodate new jewelry. Just move the pins around or get more to expand your accessory collection.

Drawers With Trays

Use drawers with trays for accessory storage
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One of the simplest accessories storage ideas is to put divided trays in the drawers of your bathroom or bedroom vanity. You can find divided trays at office stores, craft stores, or online. If you like DIY, you can make or upcycle some of your own. Drawers with trays inside them are a fantastic way to organize your makeup, too. Removing them makes cleaning makeup dust out of your drawers simpler.

Consider labeling the trays inside your drawers to help you keep up with your organization. It’s easy to toss things into a drawer without paying much attention to where in the tray they land, even if everything is supposed to have a place. Because this organizer isn’t sitting out and visible, your incentive to keep it neat is lower. When you make it easy for yourself by labeling each spot, you’re more likely to stay organized. This is especially true for hair accessory storage, since we all know that hair ties and bobby pins tend to go everywhere.

Wall Hooks

Tiny screw-in hooks are a smart way to turn unused wall space into jewelry organization. They’re easy to install and easy to move. As your accessory collection changes, you can change the hooks, too. Once you’re sick of the holes, a bit of spackling fixes them right up.

Leaving your jewelry hanging on the wall doubles as cool wall art, but some people prefer their accessories storage to be hidden. A mirror on hinges is the answer. Install the mirror, then pattern the hooks behind where the mirror hangs. While you’re getting ready using the mirror, your accessories will be right there, easy to access.

Printer’s Tray on the Wall

Printer’s trays used to hold lettering that printers needed to create books and newspapers before the digital age. These trays have many tiny compartments laid out in a grid, which makes them a perfect creative jewelry storage idea. A printer’s tray inside a drawer creates lots of small areas that can hold your hair accessories and jewelry.

Get even more creative with a printer’s tray by hanging it on the wall and installing hooks inside it. Each hook creates the perfect spot to hang earrings, rings, hair ties, and more. The tray then becomes wall art, and each piece of jewelry you hang within it helps to decorate your bedroom. Plus, you get to see all your things hanging there, which makes choosing that day’s accessories a breeze. To make it even more convenient, line the bottom with small hooks for your necklaces and bracelets.

The perfect accessory storage solutions for you will depend on how much jewelry and hair stuff you have, and on how much space you have in your bedroom. You might be into DIY projects, or you might prefer to buy a few drawer trays, stick some labels on them, and get your jewelry organized fast.

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