5 Uses for Zombie-Proof Plastic Storage Bins

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The number one rule for a zombie invasion is to be prepared. Home organization is a huge part of that process because you need to have all your belongings in place in case you need to find something at a moment’s notice. Plastic storage bins are an ideal way to store and protect your personal belongings from zombies. Plus, they deter other invaders, including water, mold, and pests. Stock up on storage containers and organize your home and belongings, starting with several key projects.

1. Organizing Closets: It seems like every home has at least one of those catch-all closets that always seems to be overflowing with miscellaneous stuff. Keep items organized with plastic storage bins, which are ideal for using every inch of space. Bins on wheels are ideal to go on the floor, and smaller bins are great for the upper shelves. Once you have the right bins, all you have to do is take everything out of the closet, sort it by type of item, and put it back in using the bins to keep like items together.

2. Storing Holiday Decorations: Holiday storage can quickly get out of control if you don’t have a system for keeping it organized. Use large plastic storage bins for your decorations and supplies. Clear bins make it easy to see what is in each one, and the rigid sides help protect fragile items from being damaged. Label your bins with the holiday name so you can quickly find what you need. Your Halloween storage bins may come in handy if you need to dress up like a zombie to blend in with them during a zombie invasion!

3. Corralling Sporting Equipment: If you or your family lead an active lifestyle, chances are that the sporting equipment may feel like it is taking over your home or garage. Organize it in plastic storage bins, with one bin for each sport, or even separate bins for each member of the family. That way, you can always find what you need and avoid delays when you’re trying to head out the door.

4. Protecting Seasonal Clothing: Unless your closet is large enough to comfortably hold all the clothes you wear during the year, you need to switch out summer and winter clothes each year. Plastic storage containers are ideal for storing off-season clothes because they protect the items from moisture and pests. Once you empty your storage bin of winter clothes, just fill it right back up again with the summer clothes you won’t be needing until next year.

5. Storing Files: Did you know that you should keep many types of financial paperwork for at least seven years? Your federal and state tax returns, plus all the supporting documents, need to stick around that long just in case you get audited. Plus, you need to hold onto documentation for loans as long as you have them, large purchases under warranty, and investments you are holding. Plastic storage containers are perfect for holding paperwork and protecting it from the elements. These rarely-used documents can be tucked into your storage rental unit if you don’t have space at home.

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