7 Ideas to Get You Hooked on Organization

7 ideas to get you hooked on organization

Adhesive hooks just may be the best thing ever invented. Apart from being a renter's favorite tool for resolving the battle of whether to decorate or save walls from deposit-reducing damage, they are fantastic for organization. Whether used on their own or in combination with other unconventional items, they can play a key role in organizing problem areas in your home. We have 7 "why didn't I think of that" ideas that will get you hooked on organization.

    1. These cleverly placed hooks make functional use of dead space. Consider affixing hooks to the inside walls of cabinets to hang kitchen tools such as these mixer blades. The tools are out of the way as well as accessible.
      Mixer Blades_Hooked on Organization
      Via Pinterest
    2. Car interiors can get out of control when it comes to collecting receipts, gum and snack wrappers, junk mail and parking tickets…uh, we mean parking receipts. Keep these items where they belong – in the trash. By attaching an adhesive hook to a hard surface on the passenger side of the car with a bag hanging off, a convenient trash receptacle is created that is easily disposed of.
      Hooked Trash Bag_Hooked on Organization
      Via Mommy Savers
    3. Eliminate bags of chip crumbs by avoiding smashed bags with adhesive hooks and binder clips for convenient snack storage in your pantry.
      Chip Organizer_Hooked on Organization
      Via Beauty and Bedlam
    4. Squeeze more valuable storage space out of your bathroom with an adhesive hook and a pants hanger that can hold a container such as a makeup bag to keep small items under the sink.
      Under sink hoked hanger_Hooked on Organization
      Via Better Homes and Gardens
    5. Pull your foil and plastic wrap out of the drawer and put them on hooks on the inside of a door. This frees up drawer space and all you have to do is pull and tear for use.
      Foil and Plastic Wrap_Hooked on Organization
      Via Ask Anne Mosely
    6. Hide those pesky lamp wires by disguising their descent to the floor. Adhesive hooks allow you to guide the direction of the wire so you can light a space while looking organized and clean.
      Hiding Wires_Hookedon Organization
      Via Hi Sugar Plum
    7. So much can be done with this dynamic duo! Pairing a curtain rod with adhesive hooks offer several damage free opportunities to organize a closet from shoe organization to hanging a scarf collection, as in the images below. Other closet organization options include hanging ties or belts and adding S-hooks to hang handbags. Take it in the kitchen to hang cooking utensils with S-hooks as well.
      Shoe Organizer_Hooked on Organization     Scarf Organizer_Hooked on Organization
      Via Command.com

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  • I love having things organized in my home. I just like to keep things off of the carpet, so it is easier for me to vacuum. I feel like if I can’t keep my carpet clean, then my house is a mess. I will have to try the things with the cables. I hate having to watch out with the vacuum.

  • Those clips are really easy and a good idea. I also like the little hangers that you can hang on your wall without leaving a hole in the wall. I love it when everything has a place and this kind of organization would be a dream come true for me.