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8 Organization Tips for Your Desk

January 11th is National Clean Off Your Desk Day. In honor of this special event, we've developed a list of eight ways to help keep your desk organized all year long. In the comment section below, tell us which of these strategies you will use to keep your desk organized this year.

1. Recycle outdated papers and documents like old TPS Reports and invoices. For important documents like pay stubs and credit cards statements, How Stuff Works provides tips on how long you should keep those types of documents.

Image via Clutter Rescue

2. Use baskets and bins to take advantage of your under-the-desk space like in this example from 79 Ideas.
Image via 79 Ideas

3. Add floating shelves to exploit empty wall space near your desk or home office like these examples from Apartment Therapy and Real Simple.
Image from Apartment Therapy

Home Office
Image via Real Simple

4. Keep your cords neat and organized using this smart cord organization tip from Martha Stewart. Alternatively, Decluttered uses a peg board, wire, and under-the-desk mounting to similarly corral computer and electronic cords.

Image from Martha Stewart

Image via Decluttered

5. If your desk is often littered with papers, develop a filing system to help you keep your paperwork organized like this one from Martha Stewart.
Image via Martha Stewart

6. If your desk is full of small items, use dividers to give everything its own space. How Stuff Works has some great tips to help you identify which objects should stay on your desk and which ones will need to find a new home in a cabinet or drawer.
Image via Apartment Therapy

7. Spend less time searching for items that you use every day, like your Swingline stapler, by keeping them nearby to maximize productivity.
Image via Think Geek

8. Don't forget to organize your computer and email too! An organized computer can make your workday more productive and prevent you from wasting valuable time looking for important emails or documents.
Image via Life Hacker

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