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9 Toy Storage Tricks to Try Right Now

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Even the most organized person becomes discombobulated when kids enter the picture. The clean and tidy lifestyle you once knew with everything having its place becomes a faint memory. It seems that mess multiplies beyond anything you could have imagined because, let's face it, kids have a lot of stuff. By stuff, we mean toys. Grandparents and aunties and family friends love to share in the joy of you having children by buying them cute little outfits and toys. Your household can quickly be overtaken by toys if you do not have a toy storage plan.

  1. While not be a typical toy storage idea, this temporary idea helps keep common home areas clutter free. Toys tend to migrate from the bedroom and playroom into the family room and other areas in the home. For easy quick and easy clean up, have buckets labeled for each child in which their toys that have made their way out of their respective storage areas can be placed and then returned to their appropriate places. When trying to keep common areas straightened up, just put that child’s toys in their bucket and the next time they go upstairs or back to their room, they take the bucket with them to put the toys away.
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  2. Speaking of buckets, simply stacking labeled buckets on shelves in the garage or on the back patio for all the outdoor toys such as balls, pool floaties, sidewalk art supplies, and more. The beauty of this idea is that kids can grab the bucket of toys they need for the particular activity on which they are about to embark. The grab-n-go bucket is easy to transport and bring back to its storage spot.
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  3. Pool season can leave the backyard looking like an amusement park exploded with all the floaties and noodles strewn about. A simple, and usually free, addition to your yard can help corral the poll toys and store them when not in use. Place a pallet on its end against a wall and the noodles, floaties and kickboards have a home.
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  4. Bath time is more fun with toys. But, Mr. Rubber Ducky and the floating submarine take up storage space in the bathroom that is already over crowded. Hanging fruit baskets keep toy storage off the ground and out of the tub. All you need is an s-hook to hang it from the shower curtain rod. The fact that it allows everything to air dry while hanging is a bonus!
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  5. The magentic strip used in the kitchen to store knives or use in the bathroom to store bobbypins and personal grooming tools in the drawer or side of the medicine cabinet can also be used to store toy cars. Use them to organize a toy chest or install on wall to store and display.
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  6. Star Wars is coming in hot this holiday season and chances are their will be a light saber or two joining the toy collection soon. Storing these and other large or long toys, such as water guns, is easy with tall laundry basket. It decreases the use of floor space and can be easily tucked into a corner or a closet.
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  7. Over the door pocket organizers are the perfect size for action figures, dolls, and small toys. Toys are easy to see and you can even label with a picture so that the kids who can’t read, yet, know what toy goes where.
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  8. Label your storage bins with pictures so the young ones know which toys are to be stored in which bin. After all, teaching kids to put their toys away is the best way to keep them stored when not is use.
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  9. Maybe the easiest clean up and toy storage solution out there for Legos and other toys that have many pieces. A play mat and storage solution in one that is portable, too.
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We’d love for you to share some of your clever toy storage solutions in the comments below.

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